Which Millionaire Couple Are Still Together? Find out if the couple is together and more

Joe Millionaire Couples Still Together – Joe Millionaire is a dating reality show that has a massive following on television and with the revival show concluding, many fans wanted to know if the winner is Joe Millionaire Couples Still Together. Read this article to find out which Millionaire Couples Still Together.

Joe Millionaire

Joe Millionaire debuted on Fox in 2003 and is an American reality dating show. The first season of Joe Millionaire premiered on January 6, 2003. The show became a huge hit and Fox even promoted the season finale. The series has come up with a revival show to air on January 6, 2022. Since 2000, it has been the highest-rated entertainment program on network television. The show’s first two seasons featured a group of unmarried women battling for the love of a bachelor, falsely described as millionaires. There were two bachelors ready. At the end of the season, they manage to find their true love. Now many fans wanted to know whether the crorepati couple is still together? Do you want to know more? So continue reading this article.

Which Millionaire Couple Are Still Together?

The show had over 10 contestants fighting for the attention of the two most eligible bachelors. The two contestants who managed to win hearts were Amanda and Kalah. After the season finale, the winners who won the hearts of Kurt and Steven were Amanda and Kalah, respectively. This was a common question of Hos’s fans that they are still together. Seeing the chemistry between the couple made us wonder whether they are still together or not.

steven and black joe millionaire

Steven and Cala were some of the most loved couples on the show. Their love for each other was very clear. People started loving him from the very beginning and yet he did not disappoint. At first, they slowly started hitting out but at the end of the season, things got pretty serious with each other. In the third season ‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’, both were seen wearing promise rings. Soon the fans started speculating whether they got engaged. But not yet, they confirmed that they were promise rings to show how serious they are with each other in this relationship. “We had an exchange of these promise rings,” Steven said. He went on to say that “I promised to try to do this thing in real life. So outside of [those] Walls, I promised to try to make this relationship work. And I think that, you know, was good [me and Kurt’s] Part. But I know, knowing Kalah and knowing how slow she likes to take things she would run away if I took her out and tried to propose. Currently, they are living together but are not engaged yet. So let’s keep our fingers crossed for something good.

Kurt and Amanda Joe Millionaire

Kurt, who was the other bachelor on the show, had a hard time choosing his lady love. But he knew one thing for sure when it came to Amanda. He wanted to spend his time with Amanda. While watching the show you might think that he would choose Caroline over Amanda. Caroline stands head-on for Kurt and they have a special relationship with each other. But Kurt made up his mind and chose Amanda as his partner. Now the fans are very curious to know where this couple is standing now. The sad news is that the pair split. “It didn’t work,” Kurt said. “You know, we probably didn’t spend enough time together on the show. We really, I don’t think, didn’t have understanding for each other, and that became clear very quickly after the show ended. We had a- Tried seeing the other several times and just trying to make it work and we thought we were two completely different people.”


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Joe Millionaire: For the Rich or Poor Competitors

competitors status
black jackson steven’s winner
Amanda Paes Kurt’s winner
Annie Jorgensen runner up
Carolyn Moore runner up
whitney young eliminated
Amber S. eliminated
Brena Hagen eliminated
Susan E. eliminated
Jenny K. eliminated
Suzette James eliminated
Katy Johnson eliminated
Andrea M. eliminated
Sarah S. eliminated
Rachel Vinson quit
doris cano eliminated
monica astronomy eliminated
Brooke b. eliminated
Caroline Campbell eliminated

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Which Millionaire Couple Are Still Together – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the genre of the show?

it’s a reality dating show

When did the first season premiere?

The first season was released on 6 January 2003.

How many seasons are there?

there are three seasons

How many episodes are there?

has 28 episodes

What is native language?

native language is english

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