What is Fodder and Fodder Development Scheme 2022? Chara Vikas Yojana in Hindi

Chara Vikas Yojana 2022

Central government to provide assistance to the people of the country animal husbandry, dairy And Fisheries The fodder development scheme is being run by the department. The objective of this scheme is to support the efforts of the states for fodder development. This scheme is being run from the year 2005-06 with four components.

Through this scheme, the farmer will get direct benefit, and there will be an increase in the livestock rearers, Farmer Brother will be attracted by this scheme. If you are also a farmer, and What is Fodder and Fodder Development Scheme 2022, Chara Vikas Yojana in Hindi If you want to know about it, then its information is being provided here.

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Fodder and Fodder Development Scheme (Chara Vikas Yojana

This fodder development scheme organized by the central government has been upgraded since 2010 to ensure the efficient use of fodder available. About Rs 141.40 crore has been invested in this scheme to include lethal technology intermediation in the scheme.

  • For this empowerment of fodder testing laboratories will be made progressive.
  • In this, people will be introduced to the kutti cutting machine using hand.
  • Silo-protection units will be set up in this.
  • Farmers will be encouraged towards this by demonstrating Azolla cultivation and production units.
  • Maximum establishment of Byway Protein Production Units will be done.
  • area specific mineral mixture ,ASMM) Establishment of units/fodder pellet manufacturing units/fodder production units.

At present, 50% of the grant amount has been increased under the establishment of four block construction units in the four running components. Along with this, the amount of land for acquisition of land for grassland development including protected grasslands is 5-10 uw. has been placed.

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Names of four main components of fodder and fodder development scheme

  • Under this scheme, the Establishment of Fodder Block and Manufacturing Unit was established.
  • Weedland area Including Protected Wetlands
  • Fodder crops Of Seed Production and Distribution of Seeds of Fodder Crops has been planned.
  • Biotechnology Research Project

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About Components in Fodder and Fodder Development Scheme Form of FinancingThe details, unit cost and targets set to be achieved during the remaining 2 years of 11th plan are as follows:-
Changed component names and new components beneficiary form of cooperation unit cost ,in lakh,
Establishment of fodder block manufacturing unit State and private entrepreneurship to subsidiaries and self-help groups 50:50 85.00
Improvement of grassland with protected grassland Farmers, Animal Husbandry and Forest Department | Apart from this, to develop non-government organizations/gram panchayats, grasslands and other collective property resources on the panchayat land. 100:00 0.70
Production distribution of fodder crops seeds To benefit the farmer. Involvement of small scale industrial unions/cooperative dairies/non-cooperative organizations in the project by the state government, and a total of 37,000 quintals of fodder seeds will be provided to the farmers by the state government at the rate of Rs.5,000/quintal. 75:25 0.05
Fodder Testing Laboratories and Empowerment Animal nutrition laboratories will be made available to animal husbandry colleges and agricultural universities. Due to which the fodder experts will be allowed to purchase the necessary machinery equipment. 50:50 200.00
manual kutti machine Farmer / Agricultural Development Center / Cooperative Milk Society Member / Spirit / 75:25 0.05
power shovel cutting machine Farmer / Agricultural Development Center / Cooperative Milk Society Member / Spirit / 75:25 0.20
Silo-protection unit installation Farmer / Agricultural Development Center / Cooperative Milk Society Member / Spirit / 100:00 1.05
Azolla Cultivation, Production and Unit Farmer / Agricultural Development Center / Cooperative Milk Society Member / Spirit / 50:50 0.10
Bypass Method Conservation of Protein Production Association of dairies certified for suitability of the project by commercial bank 25:75 145.00
Establishment of fodder production units / area specific mineral mixture manufacturing unit / fodder pellet manufacturing unit Co-operative milk societies and self-help groups, state/private entrepreneurship, certified by a commercial bank, of the conformity of the project. The amount will be provided for purchase of machinery/equipment only. 25:75 10

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