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What is Agneepath Yojana? – What is Agneepath Yojana

What is Agneepath Yojana: The government has started a new scheme for the army recruitment process, which has been named as Agneepath scheme, now youth in the three services will be able to join the army through this scheme.

Ever since the information about the recruitment of youth as Agniveer for four years in the army has come, since then the opposition to the Agneepath scheme is increasing. In various cities of the state, thousands of candidates of army recruitment have come out on the streets against the scheme and are taking out processions, protests are being held in almost every city. Regarding the Agneepath scheme, it is being said from the government that the youth, students and candidates of the country are not being given correct information about it. The same students and candidates say that the future of many youth is in danger due to the launch of Agneepath scheme. In the midst of all this, the government has issued a release and has told about this scheme in detail.

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Government sources gave information on Agneepath scheme

There will be no change in the regimental system of the Army from the Agneepath scheme.

The number of Agniveers to be recruited in the first year will be three percent of the total armed forces.

Government sources have given this information amid violent protests by youth against this new scheme in many parts of the country.

It was informed that Agneepath is a new HR Management Scheme for the Armed Forces.

The candidates who are included through this scheme will be called as Agniveer.

Once enrolled in the Indian Air Force, these Agniveers will be made to serve under the Air Force Act 1950 for a period of four years.

The objective of the scheme is to increase opportunities for youth in the armed forces.

Under this, about three times the number of soldiers will be recruited in the Armed Forces from the current enrollment.

However, its exact time period cannot be told yet.

It is noteworthy that the government has started this scheme for the recruitment of soldiers on a four-year contract in the Army, Air Force and Navy.

Agneepath Yojana Army Age Limit

This is considered to be a major change in the decades-old army recruitment system.

Under this, the youth of 17 and a half to 21 years will be included in the three wings of the army.

On completion of four years of service, 25 percent will be placed in regular service, while 3 out of 4 Agniveers will not be able to continue service.

For them, the government is offering many other options for education, job and business.

Doubts were being raised about the composition of several regiments from the Agneepath plan.

There are recruits from certain areas or castes like Rajput, Jats, Sikhs etc.

According to sources, there will be no impact on the regimental system from Agneepath.

Rather, they will get the best Agniveers. This will further improve the cohesion of their units.

Army officials said that the ratio of Agniveers to the army in the first year would not be very unaccountable.

The performance of the soldiers appointed under this scheme will be tested after four years and they will be re-inducted into the army.

In such a situation, the army will get tested people for the supervisor rank.

This system is applicable in many countries

The plan has been brought out after 2 years of detailed discussions with serving military officers.

Its proposal was prepared by the Department of Military Officers, who are military officers.

Sources said that it is an insult to the values ​​and traditions of the Indian Armed Forces to think that Agniveer can leave the army and become a threat to the society.

Concerns are also being raised about the impact on the army due to the short tenure of Agniveers, but sources said that there is a similar testing system in many countries.

On completion of four years, the performance of Agniveers will be re-tested and 25% will be placed in service.

The new scheme will increase the ratio of young and experienced soldiers to 50-50% in the long run.

Young entrepreneurs can become

Many people say that after this scheme the future of the candidates will go into darkness.

Whereas, according to the detail brief of the scheme, Agniveer will get financial packages and bank loans for young entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs after their jobs.

Those who are willing to study further, they will be given a certificate equivalent to 12th and will get a bridge course.

Those who want to do jobs, they will get priority in Central Armed Security Forces and State Police.

Many other sectors will also be opened for these Agniveers.

Opportunities to join the armed forces will increase

Opportunities for youth to join the armed forces will increase.

The number of Agniveers in the Armed Forces today will be three times this.

The government is not making any changes in the regimental system.

Rather, this system will be strengthened because the best Agniveers will come here, this will improve the harmony even more.

Most of the countries have short duration military recruitment system, it is considered good for young and agile army.

Agniveers recruited in the first year will be 3% of the total Armed Forces force.

After checking his performance, he will be re-inducted in the army after four years.

In this way, the army will get tested soldiers at the senior rank.

Special arrangement for 12th education

National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) in consultation with Defense officials will prepare a special program for award of 12th certificate to Agniveers who join Agneepath service after passing 10th standard. Under this, specially designed courses will be started for Agniveers, which will be relevant according to their service area. Officials of the Ministry of Education gave this information. This 12th certificate will be valid not only for employment but also for further education across the country.

How much salary will Agniveers get

salary salary in month cash in hand
first year 30000 21000
second year 33000 23100
third year 36,500 25,550
fourth year 40000 28000

Basic knowledge of Agneepath scheme

What is Agneepath Scheme Age Limit?

Agneepath Scheme Age Limit 17.5 to 21 years

How to get Agneepath Scheme Holidays?

Holidays 30 leave and medical leave every year (as per medical advice)

How to get Agneepath Scheme Medical Facility?

medical facility Treatment in service hospital as per CSD provisions

How to get Agneepath Scheme Service Fund Package?

service fund package Loan facility, Rs 10.04 lakh will be available after 4 years of job

How will the Agneepath Scheme life insurance be?

life insurance Rs 48 lakh cover

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