UP Ration Card Update – New rule regarding Ration Card surrender issued 2022

UP Ration Card Update The government has started the process of discontinuing free ration if you also fall in the ineligible category. And you are getting free ration from the government. So now the government is requesting such people to surrender their ration card on their own. So if you also have these 6 things available. so you own Ration Card Surrender So if you want to know That the government is surrendering the ration cards of the people. And to whom the government will no longer give free ration, then for complete information, keep reading the information given below carefully, in which complete information is being told to you in detail.

What’s in this post?

Is getting free ration stopped?

There are some ineligible persons who do not come under the poverty line, yet they are taking advantage of the free ration scheme. People should be made aware that they should surrender their ration card and for this, information has also been given to the ration friend. So if you also do not come under the category of poverty line and you are getting the benefit of ration, then you will also have to surrender your ration card.

Ration Card Surrender 2022

Why is free ration being stopped?

Governments give 5 kg of wheat to the individual. For this no deduction is made from the family budget. The rules are different for LPL families and BPL families.

Under the new free ration rules, you can no longer have those essentials of comfort in your home – they are the exclusive property of the rich. Free ration is only for the poor and if you don’t follow the rule. If you are outside the rules, you will have to surrender your ration card.

Do Ration Card Surrender by yourself?

If you do not meet the poverty level standards then you should surrender your ration card. Even if someone in your family is employed by the government, he cannot take free ration. Those who have car and air conditioner in their house are also not eligible for free ration. DTH connection should also not freeze and pause.

The income of a BPL family should not exceed Rs 3000 per month.
The family income of the eligible family taking ration in APL cannot exceed 10 thousand rupees per month. Ration will not be given to a family even if there is more than one ration card.

Corona started in the year 2022, when the central government issued a large number of ration cards. Through these ration cards people had access to food grains, oil, sugar etc. However, over the years many ineligible people got cards made and took advantage of it in a wrong way.

If you have these things in the house then you will be ineligible?

If these things happen in your house, then you will not be considered eligible for free ration and you will have to surrender your ration card.

  • If you have tractor at home
  • If you are an income tax payer.
  • government job holders
  • If you have AC
  • You are a big business and businessman.

If things are found in your house then you will have to surrender your ration card.

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