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e-Mandi is one of the concepts of Government of India which is in practice to fulfill the objective of Digital India and good governance. UP eMandi is a web-enabled platform under which all the mandi services are offered in online mode to the farmers and traders. Now, merchants can apply online to get license, gate passes, entry slips etc. while sitting at home. They do not have to visit mandi/ respective authority to fill the application.

The concept of e-Mandi initially implemented by Karnataka and now it has been introduced to other states of the country. E-mandi model has been launched under the e-NAM (National Agriculture Market) project of the Center Government. UP eMandi has different modules for each stakeholder from module for applying for digital mandi license to the module for getting online gate passes.


UP Emandi 2021

UP e-Mandi concept has been enforced to provide benefits to all the people associated in mandi business such as farmers, traders, merchants, mandi officers etc. This portal provide each and every mandi service in online mode that saves time, money and effort of each stakeholder. It facilitates better regulation of

What is UP Emandi?

E-mandi is an online platform with the help of which state mandi services are to be provided in online mode to all the stakeholders with the maximum use of technology & IT and minimal human interventions in mandi business processes.  


In this article, we have tried sharing all the crucial information about UP e-mandi 2021 portal. Those who are looking for details on UP e-Mandi online platform can check the same here.   

A Brief of Uttar Pradesh Emandi

Portal UP e-mandi
State Uttar Pradesh
Concerned Authority State Agricultural Produce Markets Board, Uttar Pradesh
Developed By NIC
Implementation date of e-Mandi project in UP 1st March 2021
Purpose Digitization of services provided by Mandis in UP for the ease of merchants/farmers
Mode of Application Online
Users/ Beneficiaries Farmers, Traders/ Merchants
Official UP e-Mandi website   emandi.up.gov.in
UP Emandi 2021 New License ApplicationUP Emandi 2021 New License Application

Features of UP eMandi

Check the important features of UP e-mandi portal provided below-

  • Emandi is web-portal having modules for the stakeholders of the mandi business process such as license module for providing online license services to traders, digital payment module, 6R, 9R gatepass module, entry slip module for farmers etc.
  • Separate logins has been made for stakeholders as per their actions. This helps them to perform their tasks online.
  • The framework of e-mandis has been prepared considering the top mandi business practices followed in other states and the various problems faced by the market sector.
  • License holder keeps a record of all the activities as per the status of staff.
  • e-Mandi poral is integrated with e-NAM portal.

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Role of e-Mandi Committee

Check what are the roles of e-Mandi Committee in the portal listed below-

  • There is a record of each mandi in the portal. Under this log a dashboard of all the activities of mandi is recorded.
  • Using license link on e-mandi portal, Mandi Committee can check license application and process grants for the same.
  • Users can check status of the activities they have performed on the dashboard of the portal. It include application status, form 6, form 9, status of license, status of gatepass etc.
  • Mandi committee can check form 6, form 9 cut by the merchants/ traders by visiting the respective form links. They can also get a copy of the same.
  • MC can determine Minimum rate of selling for every product/ commodity. They can obtain trader’s register.
  • Mandi Committee issue gate pass for applications received online after verifying it physically in e-mandi.

Benefits of e-Mandi portal

Below is the list of all the some of the key benefits of the e-mandi portal-

  • Earlier, famers have to face problem in getting entry slip but with the help of e-mandi portal they get a digital entry slip.
  • E-mandi portal has saved time and effort of farmers. Now, farmers do not have to travel long distance to obtain the gate pass. They can now get online.
  • With the license application module, any individual or firm/business can apply online to get a mandi license. Applications are received through the portal which are verified and tested by the Mandi Committee. After verification e-license is generated.
  • Once a traders has obtained a license, he can also get trader cut Form 6 and Form 9 from the portal.
  • e-portal facilitates bringing transparency in the mandi activities by keep a record of all the activities.
  • e-portal helps prevention of false mandi business practices such as under billing and other malpractices.
  • With online payment on the portal, traders & farmers can pay online without waiting in long queue.

Merchant Sign Up on e-Mandi portal

To avail e-mandi services, merchants have to register/ sign up on the portal. Merchant sign up process can be checked below-

  • Open e-mandi portal.
  • Click on “The merchant” menu on the top left of the homepage.
  • Click on “sign up” option displayed in the drop down menu.
  • Select merchant type and enter all the required information such as GSTIN/PAN, License number, password and confirm password.
  • Proceed ahead by clicking on “Sign Up” button.
  • Username/email and password will be generated. This email and password can be used for login.

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e-Mandi Trader/Merchant Work Process

Have a look at the merchant work procedure on UP e-mandi portal-

  • Begin with opening e-mandi portal.
  • Click on Sign up menu given under Merchant’s dashboard.
  • Signup using valid login details.
  • Now, login using email and password generated at the time of sign up.
  • Trader dashboard will open. It will include link for Form 6, Form 9 and Gatepass.
  • Click on “Form 6” link to issue form 6.
  • Enter Mandi place, Seller name, mobile no. etc. details and click on save.
  • To issue form 9 click on “Form 9” link.
  • Fill all the details and save it. Form 9 will be issued and it can be printed.
  • To gate pass click on “Gate pass” link given on trader’s dashboard.
  • Fill details of form 9, date, distance of destination in km and save. Finally, application for issue of gate pass will be submitted.
  • After verification and approval from Mandi Committee, gate pass will be generated.
  • Once gate pass is generated, traders can take a printout of it.

How to apply for UP e-Mandi License?

Mandi licence online UP can now be obtained online. Traders who wish to have mandi license in Uttar Pradesh need not to visit the office. They can submit online application for the same by visiting the e-mandi portal or just by clicking on the link shared in this article. As the portal is updated on a time-to-time basis, the application process and work-flow of other services is also updated. In this section, we have provided the updated application process for the new license. Check complete work flow for submission of online application for license is given here-

  • Step 1- Visit e-Mandi
    Start by searching UP e-Mandi website on the browser and visit the portal.
  • Step 2- Click on application link
    Now, on the homepage of the portal, click on the “New License Application Form” option.
  • Step 3- Read Instructions
    On clicking application form link, terms and conditions and guidelines related to the license will appear. Applicants have to read all the instructions carefully. After that they have to mark the declaration and click on “Save” button to proceed ahead.
  • Step 4- Fill Application Details (Form)
    Form A will open. In this form, the applicant has to fill in Application details (which include mandi name, duration, purpose etc.), Applicant details (Name, father’s name, PAN card, email, Mobile No., Address, Code, state, district) and Description of the business unit. Once applicant has filled all the details, they can click on the “Preserve” button.



  • Step 5- Application No. Generated
    On completing Form A, application no. will be generated. Retain this number for references.
  • Step 6- Upload Documents Form B
    Once form A is preserved successfully, Form B will automatically appear on the screen. Applicants have to fill in the additional details asked in the form. Upload Passport sized photograph, signature and other enclosures (pdf file) in the space provided. All the documents should be uploaded as per the criteria specified. After verifying click on the “Save” button.
  • Step 7- Complete Online Payment (Form C)
    Now, applicants have to fill the payment form and complete payment process. Make an online payment on the portal and save the details.
  • Step 8- Application Submitted
    Finally, the application will be submitted successfully and a confirmation message will appear. Also, the application Id will be displayed using which applicants can track application status. Applicants can click download and print the application form for future reference.

Terms and Conditions for UP e-Mandi License

Mandi license in UP is issued under Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Produce Market Act 1964 and therefore all the license holders must abide by the set rules. Some of the important terms and conditions for license holders are shared as under-

  • License Holders (LH) must follow the provision of the Act and also follow the laws of the Licensee Mandi Committee.
  • Licensee needs to conduct his business fairly on the grounds of fair dealing principles.
  • License holders have to record all the activities/ transactions and have to save these records as per the position of the staff.
  • LH will not take any person, if his name is not in license application without sending a written notice to the Mandi Committee in advance.
  • All the arrangements to provide facilities are to be made by the License Holding secretary and officers authorized by the committee for the purpose of examination of articles & staff of the LH.
  • It is the responsibility of the LH to protect and take safe custody of notified agricultural produce brought at his shop for collection or sale.
  • If LH requests, the Chairman has to show his license to the Secretary or any person who has been approved by the Mandi Committee.
  • If a LH is a village trader then, he is not allowed to sell the agricultural produce anywhere in the Mandi premises. He can sell it only in the mandi site.
  • LH have to follow the instructions and orders issued on a time to time basis by the Secretary or Chairman of the Committee.

For complete information on T&Cs for license, once can visit the official portal. Link for the same is shared below.

UP Krishak Durghatna Kalyan Yojana

Documents required for UP E Mandi Online License Application

Applicants are required to enclose following self-attested documents with the license application form-

  • A copy of PAN card
  • A copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Rent Agreement/ Paper (in case the place of trading is in rented space)
  • A copy of Certificate of registration and Memorandum (in case of a Company)
  • National Budget Paper or demand draft of Rs.1000/- in the name of committee as security
  • Affidavit verified by notary on Rs.10 stamp paper in format specified by the authority by the applicant  
  • Affidavit verified by notary on Rs.10 stamp paper in format specified by the authority by two guarantors.  
  • Copy of electricity bill or house tax receipt as address proof
  • Copy of an order to provide license to any one of the Manager/Director/Director (if there are multiple directors/partners in a company/firm)
  • A copy of firm’s GSTIN and TAN
  • Partnership Deed (in case of partnership firm)
  • Certificate issued by the competent authority in case of applicant is from dependent class  

UP e-Mandi Application Status

Once applications are submitted for license, applicants can view application status on time to time basis. Application status can be traced on e-mandi portal by following the given instructions-

  • Navigate to UP e-Mandi portal.
  • Click on “Application Status/आवेदन की स्थिति जानें”
  • Enter application no. (provided at the time of application) and captcha code.
  • Click on “View Status” button.
  • Application status will display on screen.
  • Check status.

Merchant Sign Up on e-Mandi portal

To avail e-mandi services, merchants have to register/ sign up on the portal. Merchant sign up process can be checked below-

  • Open e-mandi portal.
  • Click on “The merchant” menu on the top left of the homepage.
  • Click on “sign up” option displayed in the drop down menu.
  • Select merchant type and enter all the required information such as GSTIN/PAN, License number, password and confirm password.
  • Proceed ahead by clicking on “Sign Up” button.

How to check UP emandi License Fee Information?

License Fee of any mandi purpose can be checked on e-mandi portal.

  • Open e-mandi portal and scroll down on the portal.
  • Search for “License fee information” section.
  • Now, select purpose and period from the drop-down options.
  • Click on “Know application fee”.
  • Application fee for the selected options will be displayed.

Verification of License

Mandi license can be verified online in UP through e-mandi portal. Check how traders can verify their license online-

  • Visit e-mandi portal.
  • Click on “Verify License” option shown on the homepage.
  • Enter License no. and captcha code.
  • Click on view button to proceed further.

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UP EMandi License Renewal

If a license has expired, it can be renewed online through the portal. Check online renewal process below-

  • Open e-Mandi portal.
  • Click on “License Renewal” tab.
  • Enter computerized license no. and captcha.
  • Click on view tab and proceed to renewal process.

File Feedback or Complaint

Users of e-mandi can also file complaint or provide feedback on the portal. Check e-mandi UP feedback and complaint process below-

  • Open portal and search for “File feedback/ Complaint” menu on the homepage.
  • Click on the link.
  • Fill details- name, mobile no., purpose, user type, market, description, attachment (if any). Enter captcha code and click on submit.
  • Complaint/ feedback will be filled and a complaint /feedback no. number will be issued.

Complainant after filling complaint/feedback can also check its status by clicking “Feedback / Complaint Status”.

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Which authority caters to UP e-mandi portal?

UP e-mandi portal comes under the purview of State Agricultural Produce Markets Board, Uttar Pradesh.

How to check Form 6, Form 9 issue link on merchant dashboard?

Follow given steps-
– First check license validity
– Now, with Mandi Committee email in the license
– Check purpose of mandi license

How to procure online gatepass on e-mandi portal?

Once can obtain online gate pass by applying through merchant’s dashboard.

How trader’s old stock can be entered on the e-mandi portal?

(i) Trader can enter old primary stock on the e mandi by issuing issue Form 6. (To be done by the merchant)
(ii) To secondary entry slip is required to enter old secondary stock. (To be issued by Mandi Committee)
(iii) issue of an external entry slip in order to enter Bahar stock in old state (to be performed by merchant)

When UP e-mandi form 6 is issued?

Form is issued only for selling first access.

When UP Emandi Form 9 is issued?

Form 9 is released for selling second access.

What are the details required for Trader’s login on e-mandi portal?

A trader have to enter registered email, password and captcha code for login.

How many forms do I have to fill for new license application?

You have to fill three forms viz. Form A (Application Information), Form B (Enclosures/Document Upload) and Form C (Fee Payment) while submitting application for new license through e-mandi portal.

What is the maximum time for filling all three forms or completing the application process for the license?

You have maximum 14 days to fill all three forms. After 14 days, you have to fill the application form from the beginning.

I have filled Form A but could not complete the application form. How can fill the remaining forms?

To complete the application process within the scheduled date you have to visit Application status option on the portal.

How to pay UP Emandi e-license application fee?

Application fee for license can be paid in online mode through e-mandi.

What is external entry slip?

External entry slip is issued when trader have to register inventory outside the state.

Who to contact in case of any query regarding up emandi?

In case of any query related to e-mandi, one can contact the concerned person of respective Mandi Committees. Click Here for contact details of Mandi Committee.

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