Today’s soybean price 2022 – What is the price of soybean in the market today (Today Soybean ka Rate)?

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in our country Soybean Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan have the highest production. Apart from this, Bihar, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh There are states where soybean is good Crop gets | Due to the international demand for soybean in the top mandis of the country, the prices are fluctuating. In the present days, the market price of soybean has been seen at Rs.6800. Soybean market remains brighter this year than last year.

Last year the production was reduced due to favorable weather, and this time the demand for this edible oil in foreign countries is also high. Due to which the market price of soybean has also remained good, here you will get Today’s soybean price 2022 – What is the price of soybean in the market today (Today Soybean ka Rate) It is being told about

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Today’s Soybean Price 2022 (Today Soybean Price)

At present, the price of soybean seems to be increasing rapidly. Due to the shortage of edible oils in the international market, the price of soybean has increased significantly. According to the business class and experts, this year the price of soybean in the market is going to be from 6 thousand per quintal to 8 thousand rupees, and the current price is going to be stable in the market, and the maximum price can be seen at Rs 9000 per quintal. , which is double as compared to the previous year. A fluctuation of Rs 100/200/300 is being seen in this price. The minimum support price of soybean has been fixed by the Government of India at Rs 3950 per quintal.

New Update June 23 : At present the price of soybean is being provided from Rs 3665 to Rs 7790 per quintal.

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What is the price of soybean in the market today (Today Soybean ka Rate)

Krishi Upaj Mandi Soyabean market price from minimum to maximum
Ujjain Mandi Rs.4915 to Rs.7690 per quintal
Ratlam Mandi Rs 5180 to Rs 7730 per quintal
Harda Mandi Rs 4515 to Rs 7790 per quintal
Vidisha Mandi Rs 4395 to Rs 7700 per quintal
Amravati Mandi Rs.4895 to Rs.7050 per quintal
Maharashtra- Jalna Mandi Rs.4080 to Rs.7300 per quintal
Bara Mandi Rs.5095 to Rs.7630 per quintal
Karanja Mandi-Maharashtra Rs.3665 to Rs.7090 per quintal
Javra Mandi Rs 3540 to Rs 7650 per quintal
Indore Mandi Rs.5015 to Rs.7700 per quintal
Baswara Mandi Rs 5145 to Rs 7580 per quintal
Mandsaur Mandi Rs 4085 to Rs 7720 per quintal
Gujarat Rajkot Mandi Rs 4420 to Rs 7380 per quintal
Uttar Pradesh Lalitpur Mandi Rs 4580 to Rs 5900 per quintal
Kota Mandi Rs.4855 to Rs.7660 per quintal
Malgarh-Rajasthan Mandi Rs.5015 to Rs.7630 per quintal
Bihar Begusarai Mandi Rs.4000 to Rs.4290 per quintal
tonk market Rs.6025 to Rs.7640 per quintal
Pratapgarh Mandi Rs.7345 to Rs.7660 per quintal
Kishanganj Mandi Rs.5170 to Rs.6940 per quintal

soybean oil priceSoybean Oil Price

In recent times, due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, there is a huge crisis in edible oils, due to which there has been a lot of boom in oilseed crops. For this reason, the price of soybean oil, which was Rs 135 per liter in October, has now reached a maximum of Rs 170 per liter in 2022.

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