Today’s Mustard Price 2022 – What is the price of Mustard in the market? Today Sarso Ka Bhav

Information related to today’s mustard price

The sowing of mustard crop is done in the month of November to December, and the month of March to April is the harvest of the crop. This time Mustard Harvesting of the crop has been done, and there has been an increase in the price of mustard in the market every day. The price of mustard is also very much discussed in agricultural produce.

This time the production of mustard crop has been very good, and the price of mustard has also MSP In such a situation, discussions are being held regarding the price of mustard, that what will be the future of mustard prices. There is a competition among farmer brothers to know the price of mustard every day. To all of you through this article Today’s Mustard Price 2022 – What is the price of Mustard in Mandi (Today Sarso Ka Bhav) Its information is being given.

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The reason for the rise in the price of mustard (Mustard Price Rising Reason)

  • The reason behind the increase in the price of mustard is being said to the new crop of mustard that has come in the market. The government price of mustard is Rs 5050 per quintal, but with the advent of the new crop, mustard was started to be bought at the price of Rs 6000 to 7000 per quintal.
  • Due to the high price of mustard in the beginning, big and sensible farmers started storing it and started bringing less in the market.
  • Mustard production in India has been very good in 2022. This is 7 to 8% more than last year, and more increase can be seen in the coming crop. Mustard crop is expected to give 10 to 15% higher yield under favorable weather conditions.
  • Due to the war going on between Russia and Ukraine, large quantities of mustard oil have not been supplied. Due to which there is a stock of oil in large quantity, due to which the oilseed crop has shined.
  • It is difficult to tell the price of mustard in future, but this time farmers are getting more price than the support price of mustard.

Today’s Mustard Price 2022 (Today Sarso Ka Bhav)

The government has kept the minimum support price of mustard at Rs 5050 per quintal for 2022-23. In the month of April – May Today’s price of mustard seed is Rs.6200 to Rs.7200 per quintal is going on, which may increase further in the coming time.

new update 9 june : Looking at the current situation, the price of mustard remains stable. ,6250 to 7900 per quintal,

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What is the price of Mustard in Mandi (Aaj Sarso ka Bhav Kya Hai Mandi me)

mustard market price of mustard
Sirsa Rs.6680 per quintal
Jaipur Rs 7350 per quintal
Delhi Rs.7000 per quintal
Khurja Bhav Rs.6600 per quintal
Agra/Shamshabad/Digner Rs 7850 per quintal
Alwar Saloni Rs 7950 per quintal
Kota Saloni 7850+100 per quintal
Agra BP Rs 7650+100 per quintal
Agra Sharda Rs 7650+100 per quintal
goel quota Rs 7200 per quintal
barwala Rs.6770 per quintal
Gwalior Rs.6600-6700 per quintal
Kolkata Rs 7500 per quintal
Kanpur Rs 7300 per quintal
Adani Wilmar Rs 7200 per quintal
tonk Rs 7200 per quintal
sheopur Rs.6600 per quintal
Porsa Rs.6600 per quintal
Alwar Rs 7200 per quintal
Morena Mandi Rs.6600+50 per quintal
khairthal Rs.7000 per quintal
Ruchi Soya Banra Rs 7150 per quintal
Ganganagar Rs 7150 per quintal
fold Rs 7050 per quintal
newy 6950+100 per quintal
tonk Rs.6930 per quintal
Agra BP Rs 7550 per quintal
Agra Sharda Rs 7550 per quintal
Kaman/Kumher/Nadbai/Deg 6913+38 per quintal
hisar condition Rs.6800 per quintal
Hisar Rs 6700 per quintal
Bharatpur Rs.6913 per quintal

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