SSSM ID MP Samagra Portal 2022: View Samagra ID by Name [Samagra ID]

MP Samagra Portal 2022 | Samagra ID by name | Samagra ID Name Se Kaise Nikale

Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal overall social security Mission ,SSSM ID,It has been created for the program, which helps to get direct benefits by collecting the data of the families who have been deprived of many schemes.

MP Samagra Portal 2022 To make it effective and easy to reach out to the beneficiaries of the scheme already being run by the Govt.

An SSSM ID is provided to you to inform you whether you are registered for the Comprehensive Social Security Program or not. You can get it from the portal.

Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission-SSSM ID

mp samagra samajik suraksha mission -samagra portal

Actually in Madhya Pradesh Samagra Portal and Samagra ID (Samagra Portal ID-SSSM ID) need this program Composite Social Security Mission designed to implement. This mission was started in 2012-13.

This SSSM mission has been started to overcome these following problems:

  • Removal of lack of citizen related data for implementation/management of government schemes
  • Various departments were giving similar benefits to the citizens, stopping it and reducing the expenditure.
  • Reduce duplication of efforts in data capture, use and management by different departments

All these complaints were resolved by the Samagra Portal as follows:

  • Creating a database for all citizens of the country
  • Sharing of data between departments/officials, to avoid repetition
  • A new format to provide service delivery mechanism for effective service delivery through GPR
  • Emphasizing Technology as a Manager

All public welfare programs are monitored and disseminated through the overall social security programme.

Apart from this, all types of facilities are provided to the beneficiary at one place. Through this program the beneficiary website-Composite Portal Through transparency and computerized information will be available.

Madhya Pradesh Samagra ID Portal

mp samagra portal

What is Samagra Portal?

Samagra Portal is a type of database, which through the survey of Samagra Social Security Mission, complete information of all the families and family members living in the state such as name, father’s name, caste, occupation, education, marital status, financial status, scheme Holds data of beneficiaries, savings account number, BPL, disability, etc.

Through this process, it becomes easy to reach the various schemes run by the state government to the people.

Samagra Portal ID MP Online Or SSSM ID Portal One of the important features of the scheme is that after the birth of the newborn, fertility assistance will be provided and the name will be registered on the portal.

Once he turns 3, he will continue to be on the entry list at Sky Garden. It will be used in the immunization program of the Ministry of Health. By the age of 5, he will be listed in the name of the school.

School classes 1 to 12 will avoid the formality of filling many scholarship applications, virgin girls above 18 years of age, who are BPL. He or she will keep a list of classified marriage aids as they become available.

Beneficiaries who live below the poverty line and are above 60 years of age fall under the pension eligibility category.

If the worker dies in any family and soon after his death, his widowed wife will be credited with a widow pension along with the National Family Assistance.

All eligible households falling under 22 eligibility categories are also assured that they will benefit from National Food Security.

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Samagra Portal Task Force (Group)

mp samagra portal work force for implementation

The government has been trying to implement the overall social security mission by holding various meetings with different departments in the state.

Its implementation work is done by the presence of the workers of School Education Department, Tribal Welfare, Health, Family Welfare, Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare Department and various decisions are taken.

After meeting the officers of all these departments, the Chief Minister decides to guide the various benefit schemes under SSSM. These are done under four groups.

SSSM ID, Samagra Parivar ID and Samagra ID

The full name of SSSM ID is Samagra Samajik Suraksha Mission ID which is surveyed and provided to all the families living in the state, and this ID can be obtained from the MP Samagra Portal or the nearest Gram Panchayat / Block, this ID helps the citizen to apply for the scheme. They do not require separate documents.

This There are two types of SSSM ID (samagra id list):

  • Samagra Family ID
  • Unique Samagra ID ( Member ID )

Samagra Parivar ID

  • Under the Samagra Social Security Mission, an SSSM ID was provided to each family by surveying the family. whole family ID says.
  • This composite family ID is of 8 digits.
  • This ID can be known to you from the registered mobile number and name of the member during the survey on the Samagra portal.

composite member id

  • Under the Samagra Social Security Mission, a SSSM ID (Samagra ID MP) was provided to each member of each family by surveying the family. Composite ID says.
  • This composite member ID is of 9 digits.
  • This ID can be known to you from the registered mobile number and name of the member during the survey on the Samagra portal. If you have registered your name in the survey.

Some schemes covered under SSSM ID

  • Chief Minister Kanyadan Yojana
  • Scholarship Schemes
  • pension plans
  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mazdoor Suraksha Yojana
  • Madhya Pradesh Urban Domestic Worker Women Welfare Scheme
  • Chief Minister Hand Handcart and Cycle Rickshaw Driver Scheme
  • Madhya Pradesh Hammal and Tulvati Welfare Scheme
  • Schemes operated by Madhya Pradesh Building and other Construction Workers Board
  • Pandit Deendayal Antyodaya Treatment Scheme
  • Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana / Janashree Bima Yojana

Benefits of SSSM ID, Samagra ID Portal

  • Benefits based on program eligibility ie if the beneficiary is eligible for any scheme on the basis of the entire portal, then he will be provided the benefits of the schemes as per the rules.
  • 100% verification of beneficiaries and doubling of schemes will be avoided.
  • The beneficiaries who will not be eligible will be removed from the scheme.
  • The beneficiaries will start getting the benefits of the scheme immediately on the basis of their eligibility.
  • The assistance will be available to the beneficiary through bank/post office immediately after approval of assistance.
  • He does not need to go to any office and make frequent trips.
  • The scheme will be transparent. Various information has been made available for the beneficiaries on the portal.
  • Which they will get a correct and accurate information.

Samagra ID BY Name

You can easily find your Samagra ID by following these steps.

If you do not get Samagra ID in any way, it means you are not included in SSSM, for this you have to register your family.

  • Know the entire family and member ID
  • View information by member ID
  • by family id
  • by family member id
  • from mobile number
  • View information by member ID
  • District wise pendency report

Find out overall I by name [SSSM ID By Name]

Here in the section below we will tell you Composite ID The process of searching by name has been described step by step. You follow them.

Samagra ID Name Se Nikale

  • First of all go to the official website of Samagra Portal,
  • you on the homepage Learn the Whole Family tab will be found.
  • here you Know the entire family and member ID Click on
  • Now you will jump to a new page. On this page you will findClick here to search Samagra ID by name of any family member.” have to be clicked. Now a form will open in front of you.
  • Here you have to fill many information like:
    • Mandatory information
      • district
      • local body
      • gender
      • Name (First three verbs of English name eg ALO for ALOK)
    • Other information
      • surname
      • Gram Panchayat / Zone
      • village/ward
  • After filling all the information you have to enter the captcha code. by registering search Click on You will have your Samgra ID and Samagra Parivar ID.

Register family/member in Samagra

Here you can easily register your family by the following process. You need to upload the following document for registration.

Aadhar card of each member of the family, mobile number of the head of the family, ration card, passport size photo etc.

  • Register new member through e-KYC
  • register family
  • Register Member
  • Do Aadhaar e-KYC

print composite card

You can easily get the print of your Samagra card yourself by visiting these two given links.

You may only need your composite ID for this.

  • print composite card
  • Print overall member card

My Update overall profile

If you have registered your entire family, and you can update the name, gender, date of birth etc. of any of your family members. But for the update, you must have a complete ID.

  • Update date of birth, name and gender through e-KYC
  • update date of birth
  • update name
  • update gender

Identify a duplicate member by composite ID

  • Request a Family Migration
  • Identify Duplicate Members
  • Identify Duplicate Family

Search Colony/Ward

You can also easily find the nearest colony/ward of your village and city, as this information was uploaded on the portal during the SSSM survey.

  1. go to your ward (colony)
  2. View List of Colonies under Ward
  3. View List of Village/Ward under Gram Panchayat

Find new/temporary family/members

You can also search for a new member who has registered on the Samagra portal, who is not related to your family. It creates only one data.

  1. New / Temporary Registered Member
  2. New / Temporary Registered Families
  3. from temporary family id
  4. by temporary family member id
  5. from mobile number

How to extract composite id from name to name list?

  • Know the entire family and member by ID
  • View information by member ID

If you have Samagra ID of any one member then you can easily List of family members on MP Samagra Portal can see. For this you have to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all you visit the official website of Samagra Portal.
  • In this, enter the Samagra ID of any one member of your family.
  • Now enter the captcha code.
  • After that click on the watch button.
  • To you List of family members on Samagra Portal will be received.

SSSM ID Related FAQs

How is Samagra ID created?

Samagra ID is not created online. Samagra ID for you, family and member Survey of Samagra Social Security Mission is provided under. If you are left out under the survey, then you should go to the Panchayat office.

Is SSSM ID and Samagra ID same?

Yes, both SSSM ID and Samagra ID are same. SSSM full name Composite Social Security Mission is this. The data collected under this is kept on the Samagra Portal.

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