SBI New FD Rates: Good News!!! SBI hikes FD interest rate, know new rates

SBI New FD RatesSBI Bank has now increased the interest rate on FD. The benefit of this will be available in the amount kept in all the FDs of the bank. Any customer who opens his FD or if a customer renews his fixed deposit amount, then they will also get the benefit of this facility. For your information, let us tell you that SBI Bank has increased the interest rate by 0.10 percent on the amount of FD (Fixed Deposit).

New FD rates effective from 15 December 2021

by SBI Bank Increase in interest rate on FD up to 0.10 percent is of. Let us tell you that this increase is 2 crores or more. Domestic Bulk Term Deposit only in the interest accrued for the same. There has been no increase in the interest rates available on term deposits of less than Rs 2 crore. With this increase FD Rates Applicable from 15th December 2021 have been any customers who 15 December or after FD has introduced, all of them new FD Rates benefit will be received. Not only those who have their old FD Has been renewed, all those customers will also be able to take advantage of the new FD interest rate.

SBI increases interest rate on FD by 3 percent on term deposits

SBI Bank By increasing the interest rate on FD, now you will get more returns in FD. That is, you will get more interest than before, due to which getting FD will be even more beneficial now. For information, let us tell you that from December 15, 2021, the interest rate in this fixed deposit in SBI will start from 3 percent per annum. On the other hand, for senior citizens, the interest rate of up to 3.50 percent will be started by the bank in their term deposits. Let us now know about the new interest rates available on these term deposits with different maturity periods –

Know SBI Bank’s new FD rates

After the increase in the interest rate of fixed deposit amount by SBI Bank, let us now know about the increase rate –

  • After increasing the interest rate by 0.10 percent on FDs of 7 to 45 days, a provision of 3 percent interest has been made, which was 9.90% earlier. Whereas for senior citizens, it has increased from 3.40 percent to 3.50%.
  • Even in FDs of 46 to 179 days, now 3% interest will be available annually. In this also, senior citizens will get interest up to 3.50 percent increased from 3.40 percent.
  • In FDs of 180 to 210 days, the interest rate has gone up from 3 percent to 3.10 percent in FDs. Whereas the interest rate for senior citizens has been increased from 3.50 to 3.60 percent.
  • The same interest rate is applicable for tenures ranging from 211 days to 1 year and 1 year to 2 years. That is, after the increase in the interest rate, from 3 percent to 3.10 percent, and the interest rate available in FD for senior citizens has increased from 3.50 to 3.60 percent.

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