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Rajasthan Social Security Pension Yojana

The government has run many schemes for the common people who are living below the poverty line. One of these schemes is the Social Security Pension Scheme. Yes friends, under this pension scheme, three to four types of pension are given to poor people. Although the pension scheme in all the states has been run by the government there, but today we are telling you about the Rajasthan Pension Scheme. Social Security Pension Scheme To take advantage of the benefits, you have to go to Emitra, when you apply, then the pension list / list is issued by the pension department. By the way, if your pension is approved, then it automatically starts coming in your account.

But whenever you want to see your name in the list or the people you meet, then keep reading the post till the bottom.

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Rajasthan Pension Scheme List

Pension Yojana Beneficiary List: You have filled the pension scheme form or applied on any e-mitra and are not able to find out whether our pension has been activated or not, then we will tell you how to check your name in the pension scheme list.

Rajasthan Pension Scheme List
Social Security Pension Yojana

Rajasthan pension scheme There are four types.

  • Old Age Pension Scheme
  • Widow Pension Yojana
  • Viklang Pension Yojana
  • Farmer Pension Yojana

You will also get the list of pension of all types of categories on the same site.

The benefits of pension scheme also vary according to the category. In some categories, the benefit of pension scheme is given according to age. Now suppose that you have filled the pension scheme form, regardless of the category of the form, and are not able to find out its status whether the pension has been started or not, whether there is any category of pension, then now we will tell you that Rajasthan How to check your name in pension scheme beneficiary list.

You can easily see the beneficiary list of the pension scheme from your mobile or computer.

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Pension Scheme Beneficiary List

full name of rajasthan pension scheme (Social Security Pension Scheme) Social Security Pension Scheme Huh. Dear friends, many times the site that sees the list does not work, then we have given two links below and check on both of you, one of them will definitely open. To see your name in the beneficiary list of Rajasthan Pension Scheme, first you have to click here Will have to do If this link is not open then click here Do it. Because many sites keep changing. After clicking, you will come to the site of Social Security Pension Scheme. up here to you Report The option of will appear, click on it, after that the next page will open.

now you Beneficiary Report Click on it as we have told you on the screen below.

Rajasthan Pension Scheme List

Now the list of all the districts of Rajasthan will come in front of you.

In this you will be shown two types of pension plans. The first is the State Pension Scheme and the second is the Center Pension Scheme. in which you Old age pension, single woman, special qualified people pension and farmer pension scheme, Below all pension categories you will see the total number of beneficiaries and the total number of pensioners will be seen in the lost.

Pension Yojana Beneficiary List

Rajasthan Pension List 2021

  • First of all click on your district.
  • Now the list of Rural and Urban means rural and urban areas will come.
  • Here you have to choose your Panchayat Samiti or Tehsil. We are showing you the list of villager.
  • Now the Gram Panchayat will come in front of you.
  • After the next page is opened, your village/village will come in front of you. Click on your village.
  • Now the beneficiary list of Social Security Pension Scheme Rajasthan will come in front of you.

In this list, you will find the name of the beneficiary, the name of the beneficiary. Father’s name, pension scheme name, category, gender and type of BPL All this information to you Rajasthan Pension Scheme List will appear in

Rajasthan Pension Scheme List

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If your name is in the list of this pension scheme, then understand that you are getting the benefit of pension. We have just told you how to see the name in the social security pension scheme list. The final decision will be of the concerned department only. If you do not understand anything, then you can also comment on us. For more details visit the concerned department’s website.

Raj Pension Official Site

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