PM Vani Yojana 2022: PM Vani Yojana Free Wi-Fi Internet

PM Vani Yojana 2022 The government continues to issue many schemes to provide facilities to the citizens of the country. One such scheme by the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi 9 December 2021 It was announced to start for the citizens. whose name is PM Vani Scheme. PM Vani Yojana Approval has been given to start it in the cabinet minister’s meeting. Through the scheme, now the applicant will not need to take any expensive data plan because the government has started PM Vani Free Internet Scheme through which citizens will be able to use the Internet through Wi-Fi.

You know that in today’s time, all the work is completed through online medium, but there are citizens of many such areas who do not have internet facility and even if there is internet, then due to low speed, many citizens work in between. I get stuck and there are many such companies in the country whose data plans are very expensive, due to which citizens have to spend more money to start their internet facility and they are not able to get good net speed.

PM Vani Yojana 2022

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PM Vani Yojana

In the earlier times, when there were no mobiles, then telephone booths were set up for citizens on any street or square, so that citizens got the facility to talk, similarly now such PDOs will be made which can also be a small shop or CSC center. . Through which the citizens will then be provided with the facility of Wi-Fi. The government will open 1 crore data centers. Citizens will not need any money or license to use Wi-Fi.

This is a scheme that will bring revolution in Wi-Fi. With which citizens can easily connect Wi-Fi through their mobile phones, laptops, computers. This will also allow you to get a higher speed network.

scheme name PM Vani Free Internet Scheme
Department Telecom Deptt
year 2022
through PM Narendra Modi
Scheme start date 9 December 2020
profit takers citizens of the country
purpose boosting growth in the country

Let us tell you that only through PDO (Public Data Office) internet facility will be provided to the citizen for free. All the citizens who want internet in your area will include all types of plans. In this plan, if you need internet for 1 month, 1 day, week, or 1 hour, then you can get coupons according to you.

PM Vani Free Internet Scheme 2022

Any citizen who wants to get the benefit of free Wi-Fi will not have to pay any kind of fee. If you work in any company or have your own company, then you can get PDO installed to use the Internet. There are many such neighborhoods and streets in the country where there is no internet facility, in such a situation, citizens have to use expensive data plans, but by taking advantage of PM Vani Free Internet Scheme, citizens can run the net through their hotspot for free.

5G internet towers will be installed in the eastern states of the country

There are many states in the eastern states of the country like: Assam, Mizoram, etc., where internet service is not available at all because there is no network tower here. In such a situation, 5G towers will be installed there through the government scheme. With this, citizens working in schools, students, companies will also be able to take advantage of this scheme.

Benefits of PM Wi Fi Access Network Interface

  • Citizens of rural areas of the country will be able to take advantage of the scheme.
  • Any rural areas where internet facility is not available, those areas will be covered under the scheme.
  • Under the PM Vani scheme, 4G networks will be installed for the citizens.
  • More than 10 lakh hotspots will be created in more than 2.5 lakh rural areas
  • Any citizen who gets PDO installed will also get a means of income.
  • Citizens will be able to take advantage of free Wi-Fi internet service at good speed through Public Data Office.
  • About 1 crore PDOs will be installed in the country.
  • All citizens of the country will be able to take advantage of free internet facility through the scheme.

How will PDO work in PM Vani Yojana?

The government will install PDO for the citizens within the next three years. A total of 1 crore public data offices will be set up in the country. If citizens are wondering how this PDO office will work, then we are going to inform you about it. If any citizen finds any PDO in his shop or street, then you will have to take the coupon for the number of days you want to use the net. The rate of this coupon will be from Rs 2 to Rs 20. Through these coupons, citizens will be able to access the internet quickly and they will also be able to use the net at good speed. Many such apps will be made by the Department of Telecommunication (Telecom) through which the content will be sent to the PDO so that the citizen will be able to use free Wi-Fi.

Questions / Answers related to PM Vani Yojana

What is PM Vani Yojana?

PM Vani Yojana is a kind of free WIFI scheme. Which was started by the Prime Minister. Through the scheme, all the rural areas of the country will be included in the scheme. Under the scheme, Wi-Fi will be allowed in all gram panchayats and public places. Citizens will be able to use it for free by opening their hotspot.

Do citizens have to register to get the benefit of free internet?

No, citizens will not have to register nor have to pay any kind of fee to get the benefit of free internet.

How will it work to provide internet to citizens?

To provide internet to the citizens, companies will make an app through which internet facility will be provided to the PDO office.

What is the main reason for starting PM Vaani free internet scheme?

The main reason for starting the scheme is to provide internet facility to many such areas of the country where citizens are not connected to internet service.

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