Online Lagan Jharkhand

Online Lagan Jharkhand , Pay Jharkhand land rent online. Know Online Payment Status

Government provides online access to all types of government facilities like registration for benefits of various schemes, dashboard, beneficiary village list and many other financial facilities.

Adopting this initiative, the Jharkhand government has started the Jharkhand Bhulekh’s official website Jharbhoomi Jharkhand Portal for land accounting.

Through this website the citizens of Jharkhand can get various information related to their land online.

Now you can get information related to land without the need of any government facilitation center and accountant.

Jharkhand Online Lagan Jharbhoomi

a tax levied on land by the government do It is a rural word, which is spoken in the erstwhile states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

here we give you this Tax Want to give an information about how to pay online.

You can deduct your Lagaan Rashid online. This facility is available on the official Bhulekh portal of Jharkhand.

Portal Name jharbhoomi jharkhand portal
Department Revenue and Land Reforms Department

Along with this, you can also find many other facilities on this portal, like you can also find various information like your account Khasra-Khatauni details, Jharkhand Bhu Naksha, Jharkhand Land Record, Jharkhand Online Register 2 etc.

For this you click on the link given below.

Jharkhand Lagan and Jharkhand Lagan Rashid

From 8 October 2018 by the Revenue and Land Reforms Department of the Government online payment of rent process was started.

When the process of deducting rent receipt online started in the zone, active brokers have been completely banned.

Now farmers can deduct the rent receipt without going to any accountant/brokers online with the help of internet.

In order to make the people aware about the online revenue tax payment process, we need to conduct an awareness campaign to organize hoarding in the field offices and inform the ryots about this new process.

Jharkhand Lagana It keeps an account of your land tax. If you have got any land registered, or you have any Khatiani land If you have purchased land, then you must have this rent payment receipt.

Jharkhand Lagan Portal

jharkhand bhu nakshajharkhand bhu naksha

Facilities available on Jharkhand Bhulekh Portal;

  • e-Mutation Status
  • Bhulekh Registration
  • Online Bhu Lagan Jharkhand
  • Jharkhand Land Records
  • Jharkhand Register 2
  • Khesra Details
  • Jharkhand Bhulekh Naksha

Jharkhand Bhulekh Highlights

Portal Jharkhand Bhulekh Portal
purpose adoption of land digitization
Work Making all rural land information available online
official website

List of districts of Jharkhand whose Bhulekh is available online –

Ranchi simdega
Palamu Garhwa
latehar bump
Chatra West Singhbhum
Hazaribagh Seraikela Kharsawan
West Singhbhum koderma
Giridih jamtara
Ramgarh Deoghar
Bokaro Dumka
Dhanbad pakur
Gumla godda
lohardaga Sahibganj

Deduct the receipt of land Jharkhand Jharbhoomi

If you want to get the rent receipt of your Khatian for Jharkhand or want to deduct the rent receipt of your land, then you should follow these instructions.

Step #1: Visit the official website.

first you Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department Visit the official website of. Here we have shared its link.

This link will take you to a separate window page, so you can easily go through all the steps as well as the whole process.

Step #2: Go to Online Bhu Lagan Jharkhand

When you reach the official website, on the homepage you will find Online Lagan (View) Click on Now you reach another page.

apna khata jharkhand portal apna khata jharkhand portal

Step #3: Pay the rent online

Now you have various options which are as follows

  • View Register-II (Name of Farmer, Plot No., Khata No., Area, and Land)
  • view arrears
  • View previous payments
  • pay online
  • View Payment Status

you to cut the receipt of land pay online Click on the option.

Step 4: Search the rayot name wise rent

find account number find account number

Here you have to complete the following information for your land details / Khasra / Khatauni.

  • Name of the District / Name of the Zone
  • name of light / name of mauza
  • search options
    • Part Current/Page Number Present
    • search by name
    • search by account number
    • search by plot number
    • View all register-2 by name
  • After filling all the information, now you enter the security code (captcha code).
  • now finally you search Click on You will reach another page where you will get the following list.
    • name of ryot
    • Account Number
    • part current
    • page number current
    • see
see name ryot see name ryot

Step 5: View Lagaan Details

Now you can click on any one to see the Lagaan details. name of ryot Click View to. Your Lagaan details will open.

Tax description

  • Tax
  • road cess
  • education cess
  • healthy cess
  • agricultural cess
View rent details View rent details

now you View outstanding details Click on the option.

Step 6: Make online lagan payment online lagan payment jharkhand

jharkhand me jamin ka rashid kaise katejharkhand me jamin ka rashid kaise kate

After clicking on the option to view the balance, you reach a new page. Here you get the following options.

  • Register-II return
  • View previous payments
  • search again
  • pay online

here when you online payment do [online lagan payment] If you click on the button, then you reach a disclaimer, where you have to I Agree With Term And Conditions is asked for approval.

agree to T&C agree to T&C

Final Step: Select payment method

Now when you click on the option to pay, now you have to pay the amount which has been told to you for payment of rent.

For this, you have to complete your payment amount by selecting the option of payment gateway. As soon as you complete your payment, you will have payment receipt You will get it download it.

Online Jharkhand Lagan Status 2022

भुगतान करने के पश्चात् यदि पैसा कट गया है, और लगान रशीद नही मिल पाया है तो पिछले भुगतान की स्थिति की जाँच होने से पहले पुनः भुगतान न करे। भुगतान के विवरण/स्थिति की जाँच करने के लिए Transaction ID डाल कर “Verify Button” दबाएँ। 

If you have deducted the rent receipt of your land, then you can check its status online, follow the following instructions.

  • you are the first Revenue, Registration and Land Reforms Department on the official website of. go
Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department
  • On the homepage, click on the option of Online Lagan. You reach another page.
  • Here you find the following options.
    • View Register-II
    • view arrears
    • View previous payments
    • pay online
    • View Payment Status
  • For the lagan status of these you View Payment Status Click on the option.
  • After clicking, you reach the next status page.
  • Here you have to verify by entering your Transaction ID.
  • In this way you can position your lagna.

View Your Account Jharkhand Rights Record Online

Apna Khata Jharkhand is a portal through which any citizen of Jharkhand who has a land can see all his land related documents online.

Here you can easily know this by looking at the procedure given below:

Step 1: Visit the Jharkhand Jharkhand website

  • First of all you go to the official website of Jharkhand Jharbhoomi.
  • On the homepage itself, you will find an option on the left side bar view your account will get.
  • You click on this.
  • Now you have to go to the second step.

Step 2: Select your district and choose the zone

Apna Khata Jharkhand-Select District and Anchal Apna Khata Jharkhand-Select District and Anchal
  • When you click on the option to view your account, then no change is seen.
  • But the website link changes.
  • You go to the ROR Management System from the home page.
  • You will be seeing the district map of Jharkhand.
  • In this you click on your district.
  • Now a new zone page will open in front of you.
  • Choose your zone.
  • Now you will jump to the zone page of View your account.

Step 3: Choose Light, Variety of Land and Mouza to find the account

Apna Khata Jharkhand Jharbhoomi-Mauja Apna Khata Jharkhand Jharbhoomi-Mauja
  • Now you have to choose the following information.
    • District, Zone, Light
    • variety land
      • Non Shikmi Interfering, Non Majrua Mango
      • gairmajrua khas
      • transit
      • Zilla Parishad
      • Ryottle, Railway
      • Forest land
      • sikmi
  • Now you have to choose your Mauja from the Mauja list.
  • After that choose any one of these options in the section below.
    • View all accounts of Mauja by name
    • View all Mauja accounts by Khesra number
    • View by account number:
    • View by account holder’s name:
  • Now enter you captcha code Account Search button has to be clicked.
  • You will get the account list in front of you.
  • You choose your account from this.

Step 4: View your account land rights record list

Adhikar Abhilekh Adhikar Abhilekh
  • Now you will have to look in this list to see the information of your land records.
  • This Apna Khata Jharkhand Records List In it you will find the following information:
    • name of land owner
    • Father’s / Husband’s name
    • Account Number
    • khesra number
    • record of rights
  • next to your name in the rights record see have to click on.
  • You will get the records related to your land like Khasra Khatauni, Bhoomi Lekh and Bhoo-Naksha etc.

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