Meadbandi Scheme 2022 | Grant amount and list for Medbandi [ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन]

Information related to Medbandi Scheme

Atal Bhujal Yojana Abhiyan is being conducted all over the country to increase the source of water inside the land and make proper use of rain water. For this, everyone is being encouraged by the government to collect rainwater at the same place. It has been confirmed by various types of surveys, that most of the underground water sources are used for irrigation. Due to which maximum emphasis is being given by the government to create new sources of irrigation.

For this, recently a new scheme has been launched by the government, which is named Medbandi Scheme 2022. Under this scheme, rain water will be collected by farmer brothers by making bunds on their fields and this water will be used to irrigate the crops of other fields. What is Medbandi Scheme 2022 , Along with giving information related to this, you will also get here Grant amount and list for Medbandi [ऑनलाइन रजिस्ट्रेशन] is being told about.

What is fodder and fodder development scheme

who is called a bandit (Medbandi Kise Kahate Hai)

If we talk in simple language, then weeding means to make the field a high and thick surface of soil from all four sides. The way we surround our house with walls from all sides. The only difference in this is that we need different types of materials to make the four walls of the house, but when we do the bunding, then only the soil of the field is used in it.

What is Medbandi Scheme 2022 (Medbandi Scheme in Hindi )

Medbandi scheme will be implemented considering 1 acre of cultivable land as a unit, in which farmers will be made to work on any one model out of the selected 5 models of water harvesting. While the rest of the land would be completely free for the farmers to decide the land for different types of crops, fruit trees, agro forestry and bio-facing. For which proportionate grant will be payable according to the area covered. In an area of ​​more than five hectares, the implementation of the Meadbandi scheme will be done in groups. For this, a grant of up to Rs 75,000 will be given by the government per unit.

Medbandi Scheme Implementation

In order to conserve rain water in the field this year under the Medbandi scheme, the Directorate of Agriculture, Horticulture Directorate and the Directorate of Land Conservation will be jointly covered under the scheme. The works will be done The implementation of this scheme will be done under the protection of District Agriculture Officer. Apart from this, technical assistance will be provided to the District Agriculture Officer by the officials of Directorate of Land Conservation and Directorate of Agriculture. However, to take advantage of this scheme, farmer brothers will have to compulsorily register themselves on the portal of the Department of Agriculture.

bundling scheme Benefits from 2022 (Medbandi Scheme Benefits)

The farmer brothers will get many types of benefits from the bundling. The biggest thing is that you will not have to worry about watering your crops because they will already have water available. Apart from this, they will find it very easy to water their crops. After bundling, water gets filled in their fields when it rains, due to which the amount of moisture in the land increases. Apart from this, the level of underground water also increases. Apart from this, it is easier for them to measure their fields by getting the bunds done. Since grants are also received from the government for this, due to which the details of the land of the farmers remain in the form of records with the government.

Government Initiatives under Merbandi Scheme

Under the bunding scheme, the government is also doing the work of encouraging the farmers in many ways. For this, money is also being given by the government and it is also giving plants to be planted on the meds made on the farm. All these plants given by the government should be such that they can make them prosperous by increasing their income.

Under the bunding scheme, the farmer brothers will have to plant at least 50 saplings on the med of their farm. However, he can also plant more plants according to his wish. For planting saplings, the cost of 1 sapling has been considered by the government to be Rs 70. In which farmers will have to dig pits for planting, cost of plants, fertilizers suitable for plants, fencing and maintenance for plant protection.

Rain water required for good harvest

According to the Department of Agriculture, farmers need about 200 mm of rain water for farming in the month of June. Even before the onset of monsoon, there has been more than 4 mm of rainfall. Which is a good sign for the farming farmers. In such a situation, if the farmer brothers are successful in making the bund before the rains, then they can get good production from the crops in their fields. Apart from this, if you are not able to get the medbandi done, then definitely fix the med made earlier because it will not be possible with the onset of rain. The main objective of the Medbandi scheme is to collect rain water by making maids on their fields by the farmers, after which the collected rain water is to be used to irrigate the crops of other fields.

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How to do Merbandi Scheme 2022 Online Registration (Merbandi Scheme 2022 Online Registration Process)

For your information, let us tell you that the Medbandi Scheme 2022 is being operated by the Ministry of Jal Shakti. To get more information related to this scheme and to get grant, you can visit the official website of Ministry of Jal Shakti. You can go and see

Tarbandi Scheme Online Application Form

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