List of countries in NATO, know who is so powerful. NATO country list and power

List of countries in NATO- NATO consists of 30 countries in which the major country is the US. The main goal of NATO is to work on the security policy, if any other country attacks a NATO country, then all the countries involved in NATO can stand on the side of the affected country. The full name of NATO is North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It includes 28 European countries and two North American countries. NATO is called OTAN in French which is the complete opposite of NATO.

The main objective of NATO is to guarantee freedom and security to its member countries through political and military means. To prevent conflict between the two countries through support on defense and security related issues. Any attack on any member country of NATO will be answered through all the countries of the NATO organization.

List of countries in NATO, know who is so powerful

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List of countries in NATO

NATO is an intergovernmental military organization of some countries, which was formed in the year 1949 between 28 European countries and two North American countries. On the basis of the list given below, you can see which countries are included in NATO.

serial number country name Capital Currency
1 Albania tirana albanian lake
2 Bulgaria Sofia Bulgarian Lev
3 Belgium Brussels euro
4 Canada Ottawa canadian dollar
5 Croatia zagreb Croatia Kuna
6 Czech Republic Preg czech koruna
7 Estonia tellin euro
8 Denmark Copenhagen Danish Krone
9 Germany Berlin euro
10 France Paris CEP Franc
11 Hungary Budapest Hungarian forint
12 Iceland reykjavik Iceland krona
13 Greece Athens euro
14 Italy Rome euro
15 Latvia riga euro
16 Lithuania Vilnius euro
17 Luxembourg Luxembourg euro
18 montenegro podgorica euro
19 Netherlands amsterdam euro
20 North Macedonia Skopje Macedonian Dinar
21 Norway Oslo Norwegian krone
22 Poland warsaw Polish Zloty
23 Portugal Lisbon euro
24 Romania bucharest romanian leu
25 Slovakia bratislava euro
26 Slovenia Ljubljana euro
27 Spain madrid euro
28 Turkey Ankara turkish lira
29 United Kingdom London pounds sterling
30 United States of america Washington DC american dollar

List of countries in NATO, know who is so powerful

The United States is the most powerful country among the countries involved in NATO. America is the most powerful country in terms of military power. Russia has the second largest military power after America.

Ukraine is far behind Russia in terms of military power in the Russia-Ukraine war. Russia is second in terms of military power after America. With this, Ukraine is in 22nd place in terms of military power. Russia has an army of 8 lakh soldiers in the Ukraine war, while Ukraine has a total army of 2.50 lakh soldiers.

NATO funding

NATO is funded by NATO member states. With this, the United States is called the backbone of NATO funding for NATO funding. Because three-fourths of the NATO fund belongs to the United States. In 2020, the combined military expenditure of all NATO members accounted for 57 percent of the world’s total expenditure. NATO members have agreed that they aim to reach a target defense spending of at least 2 percent of their GDP by 2024.

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