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In our daily life, we are using too many electronic products and Electricity is the major component of our daily lifestyle. There are many ways to produce electricity like water turbines, dams, wind turbines, and Rooftop Solar. According to the sustainable development program, “Solar Panel” is the best option to produce electricity. Towards this step, the State government of Kerala has introduced the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme 2022. To resolve the problem of the Coal Crisis facing India. Using solar energy is not a demand but a necessity.

With the help of this article, We will share very good information about this scheme Kerala Solar Scheme like KSEB Solar Modes1 and 2 advantages, and details, Important Documents for the scheme, Kerala Solar scheme online registration, and the online application process for this scheme .

KSEB Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme 2022

In this section, we are talking about some basic points of this Kerala Solar Scheme. So the state Government of India has launched this Rooftop Solar scheme(KSEB). Now according to the scheme, MNRE (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy) is planning to install a 38 GW solar project through this scheme. So it is a very huge number and it is also a good initiative from the government side. The project will be worked in the Two Phases of the Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Program 2022. And there are main three models that will go to work in this scheme. Basically, the first preference of the government is to use the KSEB scheme for domestic users. So that all people can participate under KSEB.

The Kerala State Electricity Board is monitoring the Solar Rooftop Subsidy Scheme for work. Mainly, under this Subsidy program, the people of Kerala get up to 40% subsidy on the Rooftop Solar Panels otherwise you will have an investment return at least twice. And you can also invest to set up solar on your roof, you get the investment on that. With the help of this scheme, to enhance the natural sources for the daily needs of the common people. Just do the Online registration KSEB Scheme by reading this article.

Key Highlights of Solar Subsidy Scheme in Kerala 2022

Scheme Kerala Solar Subsidy Scheme
Launched By Ministry of New and Renewable Energy
Department Kerala State Electricity Board
Benefit Subsidy for installing Solar Panels on Rooftops
Beneficiaries Residents of Kerala
Official Website

Kerala Solar Subsidy Registration

The online registration for this scheme will be open soon by the government of Kerala. All the applications started to come rapidly and soon government closes the registration process after receiving 75,000 applicants. So there are two models for the Domestic Users. In the below section we have mentioned both models of the KSEB Scheme.

Kerala Solar Subsidy Model 1- KSEB

In this first model, The cost of implementing solar panel on the candidate’s house need to pay online. And Other expenses will be handled by the government. Under this plant-based investment, candidates can use whole energy and even sell it to the electricity board.

You have to consider your salary. After considering it, you can choose the plan mentioned below.

IA UP TO 120 12% (MAX. RS. 6200/-PER KWP) 25%
IB UP TO 150 20% (MAX. RS. 11000/-PER KWP) 40%
I C UP TO 200 25% (MAX. RS. 14000/-PER KWP) 50%

For to more Information about the above model kindly download the pdf by Click here

Click here to check more details about the above-mentioned table.

Advantages of the Model 1

  • Plant Capacity Under First Model – The Solar plant capacity should be 2kWp or 3kWp
  • Maintenance Under First Model – Min. 25 years Maintenance of the plant will be done by KSEBL
  • Economical Under First Model – You will always get at least twice the return for your investment under this model.

Details of Model 1-

  • Online Registration Fee- 1000rs.
  • Eligibility- All domestic users with an average monthly consumption of up to 200 units are eligible.

KSEB Solar Subsidy Model 2

Many domestic users are eligible to pay the whole amount of installment of the solar plant that can apply under model consumers can consume the entire produced energy of solar plants. The second thing is, that users under this model can claim a 40% subsidy from the government.

UP TO 3KWP 40%

Advantages of the Model 2

  • Plant Capacity Of Model 2- 2kWP Minimum plant capacity
  • Maintenance Of Model 2 – Maintenance of the plant for five years will be done by KSEBL.
  • Economic Of Model 2- You can claim up to 40% of the plant cost as a subsidy based on your solar plant capacity

Details of Model 2-

  • Online Registration Fee- 1000rs.
  • Eligibility– All domestic consumers are eligible.

Important Documents for Solar Installation Kerala Scheme

  • Aadhar Card.
  • resident proof.
  • Income Certificate of applicant.
  • bank passbook.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Registered Mobile Number and e-mail id.

Advantages of Kerala rooftop solar subsidy scheme

  • Green energy and no pollution.
  • Eco-friendly and suitable energy.
  • A 5-year warranty will be given to the customer.
  • Online application mode.

KSEB Solar Scheme Online Apply

In this section, we have given a very suitable process to apply under the Kerala Solar Scheme. And you can apply for KSEB Solar Subsidy Scheme as follow model 1 or model 2. It is up to you which one is suitable for you. Kindly follow the given mentioned step by step process:-

The homepage will open in front of you.Apply for KSEB Solar Scheme Online 2022

  • On the homepage, you have to click on the “Apply Now”.
  • Now you have to Fill in your Login ID and Password.
  • Registered users have to fill in login credentials.

After that, Just click on the “New User Registration”.Apply for KSEB Solar Scheme Online 2022

  • So the form will open in front of you, where you have to fill out some asking details.
  • Click on the submit button.
  • Now you will receive your Login ID and password.
  • So open the Homepage again, and click on the login button
  • After login, click on Model 1 or Model 2 according to your choice.

Kindly fill in all the required details, upload images of your rooftop from all four directions and click submit.Apply for KSEB Solar Scheme Online 2022

  • Finally, You have successfully registered for the KSEB Solar Subsidy Model.

KSEB Solar Scheme Helpline Number

Helpline number – 1912/0471-2555544

official website –

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