How to make Gobar Gas Information about Gobar Gas [गोबर गैस प्लांट लागत, सब्सिडी व चित्र]

Information related to the method of making cow dung gas

Animals have a special place in the rural economy. We get huge quantity of cow dung from these animals. Which can be used as manure. Farmers have to face many problems due to lack of fuel and fertilizers, because they do not have any other means other than wood and cow dung. In such a situation, if the farmer uses cow dung as manure, then the fertility of the land starts decreasing, and the crop does not get balanced nutrients, and if we use chemical fertilizers in excess quantity then the environment will start getting polluted, And the cost of use will also be more. In such a situation, by double use of cow dung, one can find solutions to these problems. In today’s scientific age, biogas plants, manure, fuel and light can be obtained by using cow dung. If you use cow dung only to burn it, then you will get only ashes, and you will be deprived of manure.

The amount of energy in cow dung is very high, you can ferment the cow dung from the dung gas plant, this will give you a huge amount of energy. You can use this energy to light, fuel and run low horsepower diesel engines. Along with this, the dung from the gas plant can be used as manure. With this, farmers will be able to save both fuel and fertilizer. here you Information about how to make gobar gas and gobar gas [गोबर गैस प्लांट लागत, सब्सिडी व चित्र] As all the information is being given.

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Information about Gobar Gas (Gobar Gas Information)

It is made from biogas fossil fuels or dead biomaterials. Biogas plants are more preferred. Because the small amount of carbon present in it does not harm the atmosphere. Gobar gas plant can be designed and prepared in many ways. It is stirred with a solution of cow dung and water. 1 foot wide and 4 feet high RCP pipe is installed to put the dung in the plant, and wide pipe is installed to remove the dung. Dung gas comes out from this pipe due to pressure. Plastic pipes are used to collect the gas instead of the gas outlet. In this plant dung takes very less time to dry, due to which no pit is required for storing it.

Cost to build Gobar gas plant (Gobar Gas Plant Build Cost)

According to Dr. Vijay Kumar, ADO of Agriculture Department, having 3 to 4 animals can build the smallest plant of 2 cubic meters. 50 KG cow dung is required per day in this plant. So much gas is obtained from this, that 4 to 6 members of the family can be cooked. About 19 thousand rupees are spent in the construction of this small plant. Similarly, if you make a large size plant, then the amount of gas also increases. A 3 cubic meter plant costs 23 thousand, in which 5 to 6 animals and 75 kg of cow dung is needed daily. In a 4 cube plant, 7-9 animals and 100 kg of cow dung daily and the cost comes to 29 thousand rupees. In a plant of 6 cubic meter size, 10-12 animals are consumed daily, about 125 kg of dung and cost 32 thousand rupees.

Materials used to build Gobar gas plant (Gobar Gas Plant Build Materials)

  • brick
  • Cement
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Pipe
  • Black Paint
  • Gas Pipe and Burner

5 Sections of Gobar Gas Plant (Gobar Gas Plant 5 Sections)

  • Inlet Tank
  • Digester Vessel
  • Dome
  • Outlet Chamber
  • Compost Pits

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Method of making electricity from cow dung gas (Cow Dung Gas Make Electricity From )

For this, first you have to mix cow dung, water and cow urine in the gas plant. When this mixture is ready, the feed stock goes into the digester vessel. The methane gas produced by this digester method gets deposited in the dome. There is a pipe in the dome to drain this gas. After this, the digester solution starts to collect in the chamber through the manhole, and due to the strong flow, it reaches the compost pits. Which can be extracted and used as manure in the field.

Major benefits of gobar gas (Gobar Gas Major Benefits)

  • In cooking :- Almost all people use LPG gas cylinders in their homes for cooking. But due to the ever-increasing inflation, the price of gas keeps on increasing. In this way you can save your money by using cow dung gas. If you are going to use biogas for cooking, then you have to buy a burner for that.
  • In house electricity :- We can use biogas in our house just like ordinary electricity. Apart from this, this gas can also be used in mantle lamps.
  • Vehicle Useful :- We can also use biogas in diesel powered vehicles like trucks and cars. Apart from this, cow dung gas can also prove useful for rickshaw running.

Gobar Gas Plant Subsidy (Gobar Gas Plant Subsidy)

The government of the country is also providing subsidy for setting up the Gobar Gas Plant, and the beneficiaries will be selected by the Gram Panchayats for the execution of the scheme. Only those people will be included in the gas plant scheme, who will be able to bear 40% of the total cost on their own. The remaining 60 percent amount will be provided by the scheme. In the Benti village adopted by the Union Defense Minister of the country, a plan has been started to set up Gobar Gas Plant to generate energy. Till now where farmers used to keep cow dung in the open, after which the dung dried up and scattered.

Many types of insects used to fall in these dry dung, due to which many types of diseases started spreading in the field, and both the crop and the field were damaged. It costs 22 thousand rupees to set up this plant. In this, a subsidy of Rs. 9 thousand will be provided by the state government to the general caste people and a subsidy of Rs. 11 thousand will be provided to the scheduled caste beneficiaries.

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