how to make birth certificate [ऑनलाइन] How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

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Today we will provide you complete information about how to make a birth certificate through this article. Birth certificate It is the essential document in the life of all the individuals through which they can clarify all the information related to their birth. It is an important document in the life of all citizens which establishes the date of birth and facts of the individual. This is a mandatory document to avail various types of services provided by the Government of India. Through the Government of India, the services related to birth certificate have been issued online to all the citizens of the country on the basis of their state. citizens now Birth Certificate Online You can get the benefit of services according to your state sitting at home.

how to make birth certificate [ऑनलाइन] How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

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What is Birth Certificate?

Birth Certificate It is the necessary document in the life of all the people, on the basis of which they can authenticate the personal information related to their birth. Birth certificate is given to each person’s parents at the time of birth, this document contains information related to the parents of the child, information related to the hospital at the time of birth and all related to the child’s place of birth, date of birth and his nationality. to important details Birth certificate is recorded in.

On the basis of this document, individuals can also apply for making other types of documents in future. It is issued as a valid document by the authority of the state government.

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Registrars for all areas have been posted for registration of births and deaths under the RBD Act, 1969 for each local area. The birth Act, 1969 requires the birth of a person born in a hospital, health centre, maternity or nursing home or other institutions to inform the Registrar of Births, within 21 days of the birth of the child.

Citizens cannot do any work conveniently in today’s time without Apply Birth Certificate Online. It is a necessary document for the whole life from the birth of a person, under which he can get the benefit of all the facilities with certainty. in today’s time Birth Certificate Demand is there in all government offices, educational institutions, other types of offices.

Birth Certificate how to make

Article how to make birth certificate online
beneficiary all citizens of the country
application online
The year 2022
online registration within 21 days after the birth of the child
the gain Birth certificate related services online
purpose Birth certificate related services to citizens
make available online
official website

Benefits of Birth Certificate

  • Birth Certificate Through this, individuals can easily get the benefits of all government services.
  • You can get all the benefits related to admission in the educational institution.
  • To prevent crimes like child marriage age certificate can use.
  • You can authenticate your personal information through this document.
  • To prove his age for obtaining employment in any field Birth Certificate can be used as a valid document.
  • Easily for documents related to Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter Card, Passport Birth certificate You can apply using .
  • To fight in claims related to land, property.
  • By applying online, the age certificate will be received by the beneficiary citizen within 15 to 20 days.
  • The portal has been launched by the Government of India for all the services related to age certificate, with the help of this portal, individuals can easily apply for birth certificate.

Apply Birth Certificate Online Required Documents

  • Aadhar card of the child’s parents
  • voter card
  • Ration card
  • Address related documents
  • driving license
  • All types of documents related to the child’s hospital
    • Certificate issued by the hospital
    • Hospital receipt at the time of birth
    • Affidavit for registration one year after the birth of the child

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How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online – How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online

any interested beneficiary Apply Birth Certificate Online Those who want to register birth certificate online through the medium, they can easily apply online as per the procedure given below.

  • birth certificate-how-to-make-onlineFor the birth certificate, the applicant needs the Central Government’s Birth & Death Registration. official website will have to enter.
  • In the user login section of the home page under logging into the website General Public Signup Click on Options.
    birth certificate-how-to-make-online
  • In the next page, the applicant has to enter all his information in the form to sign up.
  • like User Name ,User Email Id ,Mobile No ,Date of Occurrence of Event
  • After that the applicant Place of Occurrence of Birth In this section, you have to fill your State, District, Sub District, Village, Registration Unit etc.
  • After entering all the details, you have to enter the captcha code and click on the register option.
  • After successful registration, in the next page, the applicant USER ID ,PASSWORD will receive.
  • On the basis of this user id and password, in the option of user login USER ID ,PASSWORD You have to login and login.
  • After login the new page will be displayed in the applicant’s screen. In the new page, you have to first click on the option of Birth.
  • After this, the registration form will open in the screen, in the registration form, the applicant has to enter all the information such as the applicant’s name, place of birth, district, state, date of birth, hospital name, information related to address etc.
  • After filling all the personal information you have to complete all the required documents and fee related process.
  • After completing the fee payment process, click on the submit button.
  • After that in your mobile number birth certificate registration number will receive.
  • Applicant with the help of registration number birth certificate can get
  • like this birth certificate apply online process of Yours will be complete.

State Wise Age Certificate Online Link

The link to generate birth certificate in online form is displayed in the list below based on all states to generate age certificate. All citizens can easily apply online for birth certificate by selecting the link based on their state. Is.

How to make birth certificate offline?

  • To make the birth certificate through offline, the applicant has to find the nearest place to his area. Revenue Department office of Tehsil, Municipal Corporation will have to go in
  • After going to the office, one has to get the registration form to apply there.
  • After receiving the form, the information given in the form has to be filled carefully.
  • Such as applicant’s name, place of birth, time of birth, name of parents, district, state, address related information etc.
  • After filling all the information, all the important documents asked for with the application form have to be attached.
  • After completion of all the process submit the application form to the concerned office.
  • The application form will be scrutinized by the concerned officials of the office. You will get the birth certificate within 15 to 20 days after the verification of the application form is completed.

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Birth Certificate Question/Answer

Why birth certificate is essential for a person’s life?

Birth Certificate Online is a valid document issued by the authority of the state government of every citizen, on the basis of which the personal information of the person being born is recorded. It is a mandatory document for all person’s life to prove their identity.

After how much time of birth is it necessary to get the birth certificate registered?

It is necessary to get the birth certificate registered within 21 days of the birth of the child, citizens cannot get the benefit of online services if they do not register within 21 days.

What are the disadvantages of not having a birth certificate?

Birth certificate is important when you want to apply for your personal identity, courses in schools and colleges, passport and other types of documents. If you do not have this document then you have to face difficulties to get the benefit of any service.

What information is obtained through age certificate?

Age certificate is an important document for all citizens in today’s time, through which information about the person’s place of birth is obtained, along with which date and at what time he was born, all that information is recorded in the age certificate. .

What are the benefits of making birth certificate online?

The services of all birth-related documents have been issued online by the state government of each state, now the citizen does not need to go to any government office to do any work related to birth certificate, he is home based on his state. Sitting can complete the application process under the portal.

Can correction be done in birth certificate through online mode?

Yes, if any kind of error is found in the birth certificate, then you can get the benefit of the services related to change of birth certificate correction through online medium.

Have portals been issued on the basis of states to make birth certificate online?

Yes, different portals related to Birth Certificate Online have been issued by each state government for the citizens of the state. The Birth Certificate Online Application link of all the states is shown in the list above article.

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