How to do Quail Farming. Loan information for license, earning and quail rearing

Information related to how to do Quail Farming

Quail is a wild bird, also known as Coturnix Quail. These birds are not able to fly for a long distance, due to which they stay on the ground by making a noise. The average weight of this bird is 140 – 170 GM. When the quail is 7 weeks old, it starts producing eggs, and its flesh is very nutritious and tasty. Because of which it is very much liked. It is illegal to hunt quail under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, but the government provides a license for quail rearing. With which you can follow quail. By doing business of quail farming, you can earn good money, as well as control the decreasing number of quails. It costs very little to do this business, and the quail is also ready in less time.

Quail farming business is growing rapidly due to easy maintenance and high egg production. Quail rearing business has reached the third place in the country after poultry, duck farming. Chickens’ eggs make up 3% of their body weight, while Japanese quails have 8% of their eggs. If you also want to earn more quantity by buying eggs and meat by doing business of quail farming, then in this article you will get Information about how to do quail farming, license and earning and loan for quail farming is being given.

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How to rear quail (Quail Farming

If you want to do the business of quail farming, then you have to arrange an accommodation for that. You can also raise quail from the cage and bed system in the house. The cage method is more convenient and beneficial. Two weeks old quail can be kept in the cage. Cage size of 3 X 2.5 X 1.5 sq. ft. is suitable. Several cages are needed for commercial egg production, and keep 10 to 12 egg-laying quails in each cage. For breeding, a male bird should be kept along with three male female birds, and the house should have fresh air and proper lighting.

It is very important to have skylights and windows in the chick house so that they can get uniform air and light. Quail chicks need initially 29 hours of light. For the arrangement of heat, arrangement of electricity must be kept. In the first week the power brooder has a temperature of 950 Fahrenheit, and each week lowers the temperature to 50 Fahrenheit.

Quail bird breeds (Quail Bird Breeds

About 18 breeds of quail are found in the world, most of which are raised in the climate of India. There are some breeds which are famous for high egg and meat production. The farmer can choose any breed according to his need in quail rearing.

  • Bol White Quail :- This is an American breed of quail, which is considered good for meat production.
  • White Basted Quail :- This is an Indian species of quail, which is considered good for meat production.

The breeds that lay more eggs are as follows:- English White, British Range, Manchurian Golan Pharaoh and Tuxedo.

Benefits of quail rearing (Quail Farming Benefits)

  • Quail birds are small in size, due to which they can be raised even in less space habitat.
  • Quail are quite mature, in which female quail starts laying eggs after 6 to 7 weeks, and 5 weeks old quail becomes marketable.
  • A female quail lays about 250 to 300 eggs in a year.
  • Quail meat is more delicious than chicken meat, it contains a very small amount of fat, due to which obesity increases less.
  • Quail rearing requires very little cost in the maintenance and feeding.
  • Farmer brothers can also increase their business by rearing some number of quail along with animal husbandry and poultry.
  • Eggs and meat are needed to keep the human diet balanced, due to which there are many benefits from following quail.

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Diet system for quail (Quail Diet)

For good quality of quail, diet also has to be given in good quantity. For one kilo of quail production, there should be two to two and a half kilograms of food, so that their body can develop and get good production from health. More profit can be earned by giving a well balanced diet. An adult quail should be fed about 20-35 GM a day. A newborn baby needs about 27% protein and an adult needs 22 – 24% protein.

Quail rearing license and training (Quail Farming License and Training)

The government has removed the license requirement for rearing Japanese quail in India. A Central Bird Research Institute has been set up for quail rearing in Izzatnagar of Bareilly, and it also gives training in quail rearing. Apart from this, many research is being done on this quail rearing in Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture and Technology of Rajasthan, as well as training is also given to farmers for quail maintenance.

Loan Information for Quail Farming (Quail Farming Loan Information)

The government has announced to increase the area of ​​Japanese quail and to implement green scheme as self-employment. After which now farmers will be able to get loans from banks or financial institutions to start this work. Banks and NABARD will provide loans to farmers to commercialize Japanese quail prepared after research in Maharana Pratap Agricultural University of Rajasthan.

Earnings from quail rearing (Quail Farming Earning

By following quail, you can earn very well in less expenditure. It will cost 20 thousand rupees to buy 3 thousand quail chicks. Which takes about 35 to 40 days to prepare. The average price of a quail in the market is Rs 50. It takes about 30 thousand rupees to raise 3 thousand quails. In this way the total expenditure will come to 50 thousand rupees, and 1.5 lakh will be earned. Accordingly, you can earn a direct income of Rs 1 lakh.

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