How to cultivate black paddy? What is the price, advantages and disadvantages of black salt rice?

Information related to how to cultivate black paddy

If you want to earn lakhs by farming, then here you are being told about one such farming. By growing which crop you can earn big money. It is called Black Rice. At present, there has been an increase in the demand for black rice. The production of black paddy first started in China. But in India, black rice was first produced in the states of Manipur, Sikkim and Assam.

But now black rice is being cultivated in many areas of the country. Many medicinal properties are found in black rice, which is very beneficial for health. If you are also interested in the cultivation of black paddy, then in this article you will find Telling about how to cultivate black paddy, what is the price, advantages and disadvantages of black salt rice.

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Main properties of black paddy (Black Rice Properties)

Black rice has more anti-oxidant properties than coffee and tea, due to which it is beneficial for many health related diseases. Anti-accident properties present in high amounts increase the power of the body to fight diseases. According to experts, black rice also helps in fighting a deadly disease like cancer. Compared to white and brown rice, black rice contains elements like iron, magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin B, calcium and zinc.

benefits of black riceBlack Rice Benefits)

  • It is a very good source of antioxidants, which are very important for the body. It protects the body from free radicals, and reduces the risk of diseases. Free radicals can cause a variety of health-related problems in our body, which can lead to problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis.
  • Black rice can also be helpful to some extent in the prevention of cancer disease. Because it has antioxidant properties against free radicals, which reduce the risk of cancer by protecting the body from oxidative damage.
  • Consumption of black rice can also be very useful in controlling weight. Research done on about 40 overweight women has shown that it is also useful in controlling weight.
  • Black rice can also be consumed to keep the heart healthy. It prevents the accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels. Plaque is a sticky substance that can stick to the arteries and increase the risk of heart attack, heart disease and stroke.
  • For people who have type 2 diabetes, adding black rice to their diet may prove to be effective.
  • Black rice can also be useful for people who have asthma problems. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it are helpful in reducing the risk of diseases like asthma.

Disadvantages of Black Rice (Black Rice Disadvantages)

  • Black rice contains high amounts of carbohydrates, due to which excessive consumption can lead to weight gain.
  • Pregnant women should consume black rice only on the advice of the doctor, because no evidence has been found about this yet.

how paddy is cultivated

Seed cost in black rice cultivation (Black Rice Cultivation Seed Cost)

Alok Kumar, a farmer living in Gangasarai village of Bihar state, is a bank employee by profession. He is also cultivating black rice this time. He told that some of his friends advised him to cultivate black paddy. After which he ordered black rice seeds which cost Rs 300 per kg. About 3 kg of seed is required in one bigha farm. If black rice is cultivated organically, then the price is also high.

Method of sowing black paddy (Black Paddy Sowing)

Agricultural scientist Dr. RC Chaudhary tells that sowing of black paddy crop should be done around 15th June. After this transplanting should be done after 20 to 25 days. Black paddy varieties are photosensitive, due to which 12 hours of light days are required for the crop to reach Bali. If the black salt crop is sown earlier, then the leaves and earring come out at the prescribed time.

Due to which the expenses of the farmers increase, and there is no special benefit. If the crop is nursery and transplanted on time, the quality of black rice is of good aroma. The seeds are planted one year before. The companies provide seeds on the demand letter sent a year ago in the Agriculture Department and other institutions.

According to District Agriculture Officer CP Singh, farmers are being encouraged to cultivate black salt. Branding of black rice has seen an increase in the price. This time black rice seeds are not available in the godowns, the reason behind which is being told that the seeds of the species are not being notified. Trials of some species are going on, which can be launched in the market by next season.

price of black salt riceBlack Salt Rice Price)

Due to the special properties present in black rice, it is becoming a very popular crop among the people. Due to which the farmers are getting more interested in the cultivation of black paddy, and the farmer brothers can also earn good money. Black rice costs much more than white and brown rice. Generally its price is 200 to 500 rupees per kg. Whereas the price of normal rice is only 25 to 80 rupees per kg. Black rice grown by organic method costs Rs 500 per kg. The yield of black rice is very low as compared to other common varieties. Normal rice yields 20 to 25 quintals in one acre of land, whereas black rice can get only 8 to 10 quintals.

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