How to become a Ration Dealer (Kotedar) – Current Commission (Salary), Qualification, Application Form (Document)

Information related to how to become a ration dealer (Kotedar)

The government establishes a government ration shop to provide cheap ration to the people of poor families living in the country. Kotedar is appointed to provide cheap ration to these poor people. But do you know how to become a kotdar, and what has to be done. If you are in search of good employment for a means of additional income, then you can earn extra income by getting the license of the contractor. Depending on the number of Gram Panchayat, one, two or three ration shops are established, the work of which is with the Kotedar.

If you also want to distribute ration by getting the license of the Kotdar, then you can make it a means of additional earning. But very few people are aware of what has to be done to get a license of a quota, so we will tell you in this post. How to become a Ration Dealer (Kotedar) – We are going to give complete information about current commission (salary), qualification, application form (document).

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How to become a Ration Dealer (Kotedar)

The Government of India distributes ration items such as rice, pulses, wheat and sugar every month to the families living below the poverty line in the country. For this the ration card scheme has been started by the government. For distribution of ration material, a ration dealer is appointed in each gram panchayat, who does the work of distribution of ration to all the ration card holders of the village. The ration dealer is given salary in lieu of distribution of ration every month. But to become a ration dealer, the eligibility and conditions set by the Government of India have to be fulfilled, then only you can become a ration dealer. Any eligible person of the country can apply online to become a ration dealer by visiting the official website of the Food and Civil Supplies Department of the state.

Difference between Kotadar and Ration Dealer (Kotadar and Ration Dealer Difference)

In general, both ration dealer and kotedar are the same post. The ration dealer is called by the name of Kotedar in different states of the country. The ration dealer or kotedar has to distribute ration every month to the ration card holders at a low price. For which a commission is given by the government for distributing ration to the Kotedar every month, due to which there is no fixed salary of the ration dealer. Some commission of the ration dealer is fixed on one quintal of ration, which may be different in all the states.

Eligibility to become a ration dealer (Ration Dealer Eligibility)

  • Only a permanent resident residing in India will be eligible to become a ration dealer.
  • The person applying for the ration dealer should be of 21 years of age or more.
  • Only 10th pass applicant will be eligible to become a ration dealer.
  • No criminal report should already be registered against the applicant in the court.
  • Applicant should be able to operate computer.
  • It is mandatory for a person to become a ration dollar person to have a bank account, and there should be a minimum amount of 40 thousand rupees in the account.
  • No person from the applicant’s household should be a government employee.
  • If a person fulfills all these conditions, then he can apply to become a ration dealer.

Documents to become a ration dealer (Ration Dealer Required Documents)

  • Aadhar Card
  • Permanent Address Certificate.
  • Bank Account Passbook |
  • 10th Marksheet |
  • Birth Certificate |
  • Identity Card
  • Proof of annual family income.
  • Character certificate issued by the Superintendent of Police.
  • No ration shop should have been established in the name of the applicant in the past.
  • Affidavit of non-registration of prosecution under Section 3/7 of the Essential Commodities Act against the applicant or any member of his family.

ration card amendment form

Application form to become a ration dealer (Ration Dealer Application Form)

  • If you want to apply to become a ration dealer, then first you have to take the ration dealer application form, which you can get by visiting the office of the Food and Civil Supplies Department, or the official website of the Food and Civil Supplies Department. You can also download the form in PDF from the website.
  • After downloading, take a print out of the form.
  • After this, fill all the information asked in the application form of this ration dealer properly.
  • In this, you have to fill the applicant’s name, applicant’s father’s name, district name, tehsil name, panchayat name, birth certificate, education certificate, caste, full address, Aadhaar number and mobile number.
  • After this, attach the copy of all the documents valid for the ration dealer with the form, and check the filled form once again.
  • After filling the form, submit it to the Food Department office or Block Development Officer / Sub-Divisional Officer of your district.
  • After this your form will be checked by the officials related to the department.
  • If you fulfill all the conditions of becoming a ration dealer, then you will get a ration shop in the village, in which you will be able to work as a ration dealer.
  • In this way, to become a ration dealer, an application can be made by going to the office of the Food Department.

Ration dealer’s current commission (salary) (Ration Dealer’s Current Salary)

A ration dealer gets commission as salary. The salary for a ration dealer is not fixed like other government employees. The work of Kotdar is done on commission. This commission is 75 to 80 paise per kg of grain. There may be different commission for Kotedar in different states. Apart from the commission, the remaining ration and other things also earns the ration dealer.

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