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Dear friends, the Rajasthan government has released the process for online auction of flats. Also, online platform for auction has been made available by the Government of Rajasthan so that citizens can easily apply and buy. With the help of RRB e-auction registration @Urban.rajasthan.gov.in residents of Rajasthan state can easily apply and purchase certain flats. It is being said that this scheme will be welfare.

Friends, through this article we will give you Housing Board RRB E-Auction Registration @Urban.rajasthan.gov.in will provide complete information in detail and tell you how you can apply. Also we will tell you the important steps of Rajasthan Housing Board RHB so that you can easily understand how the facility of e-auction will be provided to you. So friends, read this article carefully as well as till the end.

Housing Board RRB E-Auction

Urban.rajasthan.gov.in, Urban E-Auction Portal 2020

basic info

  • rrb e-auction registration urban.rajasthan.gov.in
  • Due to the spread of corona virus globally, people cannot come out of the house.
  • Everyone has been advised by the government to follow social distancing.
  • Due to which people cannot come out of their homes.
  • So friends RRB Auction Registration will prove beneficial for the people.
  • They can apply on this portal and auction the flat easily.
  • Due to which the officials of Rajasthan Housing Board decided that online buyers of payment and delivery methods can help many buyers to buy home from home.
  • Also, Rajasthan Housing Board has released this portal for the people to facilitate them.
  • The flats will be auctioned on 6 September 2020.
  • Dear friends, it has been announced by the concerned authorities that there are about 24000 houses available for auction across the state of Rajasthan.
  • If you also want to apply then please apply. And take advantage of this portal.

Friends houses are available for auction at the following given locations:-

  • 1) Faridabad
  • 2) Jodhpur
  • 3) Udaipur
  • 4) Jaipur
  • 5) Alwar
  • 6) Bikaner

E Mitra Rajasthan: emitra.rajasthan.gov.in Login to and take advantage of the portal.

Benefits of Rajasthan housing board E- Auction 2020

Benefits of Housing Board RRB E-Auction Portal 2020

  • Provided by Rajasthan Authority 2020 Rajasthan auction facility Will make flats available online.
  • Also, through Rajasthan Authority 2020, people of Rajasthan state will be able to easily auction their flats online.
  • This rrb e-auction registration People can easily buy flats through @Urban.rajasthan.gov.in.
  • Due to the availability of flats online, citizens of Rajasthan can easily buy flats.
  • as well as easily sold by the housing board.
  • Due to a global pandemic like Coronavirus, people’s business has come down.
  • Also people are not able to get their flats sold or auctioned.
  • Many people are unable to buy the flats they want to buy.
  • So the RRB E-Auction Registration @Urban.rajasthan.gov.in will help those ones.
  • To provide convenience to the people, an online system has been made available to the residents by the Rajasthan Housing Board Authority Flats.
  • The work will take time due to online system by Rajasthan housing board authorities.
  • Also, due to the facility of auction and purchase, Pune will also enable people to do auctions and those who want to buy will be able to buy.

Precautions and Important notes:

Precautions While Applying for RHB E-Auction 2020

It is mandatory for the applicant to pay attention to the following points while applying for the Rajasthan Housing Board Auction Scheme.

  • Important point 1-
    • The interested person who wants to buy the house under the online auction system should bid at a higher discount rate as per other bidders.
  • Important point2-
    • Only 30 days will be provided to complete the bidding process for various flats under the state of Rajasthan.
  • Important point 3-
    • Along with this, the applicant will have to deposit 10 percent amount after 3 days of the auction.
    • And 90% of the amount can be deposited by the applicant later.
  • Important point 4-
    • There are two types of discount teams under this auction process –
    • First 0% to 25%
    • second 0% to 5%
    • Applicants should first know that this is the discount rate given by the concerned authorities.
  • Important point 5-
    • These discount rates are applicable for domestic situations like –
    • location and
    • Other environmental conditions will be determined after examination.
  • Important point 6-
    • The main thing is that 7075 of the flats put up for auction have been put up at concessional rates.

Registration Fees

Rajasthan E-Auction Facility Registration Fee 2020 2022

To apply for the e-auction facility, the applicant has to deposit a fee of Rs.500.

Rajasthan E-Auction Facility Security Deposit 2020

Dear friends, the amount to be deposited for different categories of economic group for Rajasthan housing facility is given below –

  • 1) For Economically Weaker Groups –
    • 5,000 as security deposit.
  • 2) For low and middle income group –
    • 25,000 as security deposit.
  • 3) For higher income group –
    • 50,000 as security deposit.

After the completion of the bidding process, will the amount of the unsuccessful participants go to waste?

After the completion of the bidding process, the amount deposited by the unsuccessful participants will be returned to them.

Application procedure

RHB E-Auction Portal Application Process 2020

Rajasthan E-Auction Facility Applicants must follow the following given procedure to apply for the post.

  • First of all, the applicant should open the official website for the application.
  • Then the home page will be displayed on the screen of the interested applicant.
  • After opening the homepage, the applicant has to click on the auction option in the e-services section.
  • After this main page the new page will be displayed on your screen.
  • There applicants feel free to click on the drop-down menu auction on that page.
  • Immediately after this you will see a list of past and current auctions on the screen in tabular form.
  • After that you can download any auction information you want.
  • Also readers should know that from the notification, you will be able to get detailed information about the auction.

Online Bidder Registration Process 2020

All the interested beneficiaries who want to register on this portal must follow the following given procedure and read the fellow steps carefully.

  • Applicants first go to the portal.
  • After visiting the official portal, the home page will open on the applicant’s screen.
  • Go to the home page of this official portal and click on “Click here to register”.
  • Then the new page will be presented on the screen of the interested applicant.
  • On that new page, you have to select the “Bidder Registration” option in the menu bar.
  • After selecting this option a form will appear on the screen.
  • The reader has to enter his/her information carefully in this given form.
  • Then after that click on the applicant register tab.
  • After selecting the option, the page that will come up, the applicant will make the registration payment on it.
  • An ID and Password will be available to you after making the registration payment.
  • After that you can bid.

When did Housing Board RRB E-Auction Registration 2020 started?

Dear Readers, Utsav registration started from 1st June, 2020.
The online registration for the e-Auction Mahotsav will start from Wednesday, 8th June 2020.

Contact details or helpline details

helpline desk

In case of any problem, you can contact on the following numbers. The contact time limit is 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. You can get the solution of your problem by contacting us at any time between this deadline.


Dear readers, if you face any kind of problem in the registration process while registering then you can feel free to contact on the following given number.

Technical Support Helpline – 01412744688



  • We have provided you the information about Rajasthan e-auction facility through this article. Hope you have read the article carefully. If you still face any problem then you can contact on above helpline number.
  • Also friends, if any information related to this Rajasthan e-auction facility comes, then we will update you as soon as possible through our article.
  • Thanks you read this article till the end.

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