E Shram Card Ka Paisa Kaise Check Kare Mobile Number Se: Check Shram Card money only by mobile number

E Shram card payment status checkShram card ka Paisa kaise check Kare mobile number se, Shram card money check just from your mobile.

E shram Card Check Payment Status: Now it is easier to check labor card money, the government has not done this.E-website has been started from where you can check your money only from mobile number. And know how much money will be sent to you or why money has not been sent to you.

E Shram Card Check Payment Status

run by the central government and labor department E Shram Card Yojana registered under The first installment of ₹ 1000 was sent to the workers on 5 January 2022., This money was received by all those workers who had done their jobs in the month of December itself. Shramik Card Was built

But many workers have lost their jobs due to lack of information. E Shram Card It was built after a long time, due to which those workers got their money. E Shram Card Veryfication After it was sent and still many workers are being verified. If you also want to get information about your money, then now it has become very easy to get information, for this you can check money only from your mobile number, let’s know how to check.

E Shram Card Key Highlights

scheme name labor card scheme
article name how to check labor card money from mobile number
Benefit labor maintenance allowance scheme,
Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme,
prime minister ayushman bharat yojana,
Pradhan Mantri Maandhan Yojana,
And so on
beneficiary Unorganized workers / laborers / rickshaw pullers of the country, etc.
who started Launched by Labor Department
check money click here

Get your E Shram Card made immediately, you will get this benefit

Now many different benefits will be given to the workers by the government on the labor card. Recently two new schemes have also been added. Now labor card holders will also get the benefit of “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” and “Pradhan Mantri Ayushman Bharat Yojana”, under which workers up to Rs 5 lakh can get their treatment. Therefore, get your labor card made as soon as possible, it is absolutely free, no fee of any kind is charged in this.

Check E Shram Card money from such mobile number

If you are a laborer and want to check your money then read the below procedure carefully and check your money-

  • First of all visit the official website “Uttar Pradesh Unorganized Workers Social Security Board” will go on to go click here do,
E Shram Card
  • You will reach the home page of the website where you will have to “Labor Card” An option will appear.
E Shram Card
  • You have to click on this option in front of you “Worker Maintenance Allowance Scheme” page will open.
  • Here you have to write your same mobile number which you had given while making the labor card.
E Shram Card
  • After entering the mobile number, click on the search button and the information about the money sent to your account will open in front of you.
E Shram Card
  • If the information does not come openly, then get your labor card updated as soon as possible, you can go to any public service center to get updated.

In this way, from your mobile phone, you can Shram Card Of Paise You can check and know how much money has been sent to you by the government or will not be sent because it may be that the bank account number in your labor card is wrong due to which money was sent to you but went to someone else’s account So it is necessary to check.

FAQ of E Shram Card Payment Status

Q1. How to check labor card money from mobile number?

To check labor card money from mobile number upssb .in Must visit website Read this post for more details.

Q2. When will the next installment of labor card come?

The next installment of Shram Card is coming soon.

Q3. Why have I not received the labor card money yet?

If you have not received any installment of your labor card yet, then update your labor card as soon as possible.

Q4. Why did I not get the second installment of the labor card?

If you had received the first installment of the labor card and have not received the second installment, then there may be some kind of deficiency in your labor card.

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