Domestic LPG cylinder is more expensive by Rs 3.50, now know the new price – Search Duniya

Domestic LPG cylinder is more expensive by Rs 3,50, now know the new price

8 rupees reduced on commercial cylinders too

Domestic LPG cylinder Rs 3.50 more expensive: New Delhi: Due to the cost of petrol, diesel and food items, the people suffering from inflation got another blow on Thursday. The price of LPG gas was increased again, the price of domestic LPG cylinder increased by Rs 3.50 while the commercial cylinder became costlier by Rs 8.
On May 7, the price of LPG cylinder was increased by Rs 50, after Thursday’s increase, the price of cylinder in Delhi has gone up to Rs 1003, which was earlier Rs 999.50 in Mumbai, now it is 1002.50 in Kolkata, 1029 in Kolkata and Rs 1018.50 in Chennai. Similarly, a commercial cylinder of 19 kg has become Rs 2354 in Delhi, 2454 in Kolkata, 2306 in Mumbai, Rs 2507 in Chennai. Public sector fuel distributor companies have issued notification of increase in the price of LPG.

Third increase in three months

This year, the price of LPG has increased for the third time, after the results of the assembly elections of 5 states, the price of the cylinder was increased by Rs 50 on March 22, after which it was increased by Rs 50 on May 7 as well. Till now the cylinder has become costlier by Rs 103.50.

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