Corrupt Memory Card Pen Drive repair Learn how to repair bad memory card pen drive

Corrupt Memory Card – Pen Drive Repair – If your pen drive and memory card is damaged, but if you want to repair it, then we are going to give you complete information about how you will correct it through this article, then if you also have any pen drive or memory card. gets spoiled. So by adopting our below-mentioned process, you can easily repair your pen drive memory card by formatting it, read the article given below carefully for complete information.

How To Corrupt Memory Card or Pen Drive repair

You can repair your memory card or pen drive very easily with the help of cmd command prompt, you have to follow step by step all the staff given in it and if your pen drive or memory card is damaged then you can fix it. Can correct Corrupt Memory Card or Pen Drive repair)

  • First of all, you open the start menu and click on Run.

  • Insert pen drive or memory card in computer.
  • Now type CMD in RUN command and hit OK.
  • After this the CMD command mode will open in front of you.
  • anymore Command Type in Diskpart and hit Enter.

  • After Diskpart opens, type Listdisk or Enter.
  • After that follow all the steps given in Command Prompt.

  • After your disk appears in the computer, select your disk and press enter.

Exam:- select disk 1 or press enter

  • Then run the clean command and press Enter.

Exam:- Clean or press enter

  • After this, run the Create Partition Primary command, if you want, you can also give the size of your memory card in it or you can divide it into two parts, see below for Ex.

Exam:-create partition primary or press enter

either create partition primary Size=2000 or press enter

  • Then run the activate command.

Exam:- active or press enter

  • After that run the format command at last.

Exam:-format fs=fat32 or press enter

  • Now wait for 2:00 to 3:00 minutes and your memory card will be successfully formatted and start working properly

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