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Are Sugar Bear and Jennifer Still Together: Mama June: From Not Too Hot is an American reality television show that aired on V TV. The show telecasts the weight loss journey of overweight women. Mike Thompson and Jennifer appeared on the show as a married couple and now fans want to know if Sugar Bear and Jennifer are still together. Read this article to know whether Sugar Bear and Jennifer are still together.

Mama June: From Not Too Hot

Reality shows are of different genres and are developed according to the taste of the audience. There are reality TV shows that serve as a documentary that shows the real life difficulties that people face every day. One such reality show is Mama Joon: From Not Too Hot. It is an American reality television show that was broadcast on VTV and first released on February 24, 2017. The show chronicles the weight loss journey of “Mama June” Shannon who went down from 209kg to 73kg. She introduced her entire family to the show and her ex-husband was Sugar Bear. He later went into a relationship with Jennifer Thompson. The couple’s relationship had a rough journey now fans of the show wanted to know if Sugar Bear and Jennifer are still together.

Are Sugar Bear and Jennifer Still Together?

It is a heartbreak for the fans of the show as these two have finally decided to part ways. Jennifer released a statement on her Facebook account on December 30, in which she explained her split with Sugar Bear. They did not mention the reason behind the split but fans have responded. There is a high possibility that Sugar’s relationship with his ex-wife, June, could be one of the main reasons for their separation. In Jennifer’s post, she said that it was a difficult decision but she had to make it. She further stated that she hopes to remain good friends with Mike Thompson. Jennifer is now all set to start this new year with a lot of positive energy.

Where are Sugar Bear and Jennifer Thompson now?

Sugar Bear, who met Jun Shannon via an online chart, soon started dating. The couple married in 2004 and have a daughter together. The two parted ways and parted ways in 2012. Though in return, he meets Jennifer and they fall in love. He married Jennifer and they made sure to be with each other. Jennifer’s weight loss journey was also featured on the show where she underwent surgery to remove extra pounds of fat. She started facing mobility issues and had no other way but she was under the dilemma that the sugar bear only likes older women. But Jennifer was successful; in her treatment and was able to reduce her weight. Now one thing is going on in the mind of the fans of this reality show that are they still together?

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Who is Mike Thompson?

Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson is June’s former partner and Alana’s father. In an episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Mike admitted that he had been unfaithful to June, cheating on her with both men and women throughout his relationship. Mike told the press that after he and June divorced, he stopped Alana from seeing him. He married Jennifer, but the couple chose to divorce.


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Who is Jennifer Thompson?

Jennifer Thompson is best known as the wife of Mike Thompson. They both appear on Mama June: From Not to Hot on a weekly basis. Jennifer underwent extreme weight loss surgery, which was documented on last season’s reality show. Viewers notice that he has gained weight since the surgery. Jennifer had not only done weight loss surgery but also plastic surgery. She is previously married to Raymond Lamb, Jr., a former truck driver and convicted sex offender who is currently serving a 35-year sentence at the Wheeler Correctional Facility.


Are Sugar Bear and Jennifer still together – FAQ

Who is Mike Thompson?

He is the ex-husband of June Shannon

What is his other name?

They are also known as sugar bears

Who is Jennifer?

She is the ex-wife of Mike Thompson

Do they have any children together?

no they don’t have

What is the show about?

The show documented Shannon’s weight loss journey.

When was the show first aired?

It was first broadcast on February 24, 2017.

Is the show still running?

yes the show still goes on

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