Are Mia and Thomas still together, are Mia Hayward and Thomas Petro still dating? – news

Are Mia and Thomas still together: Mia Hayward and Thomas Petro began dating in 2020 and have been closely followed by their audiences ever since. Fans of both want to know if Mia and Thomas are still together.

Mia and Thomas

Mia and Thomas started dating around 2020, right after Thomas got out of his previous relationship. The couple became official on Instagram in April 2020. By that time Mia had gone to the hype house. Thomas took over as collective manager, and Dad and Mia took on the role of mom to a certain extent. Soon after the couple went official on Instagram, Mia posted pictures of her own showing off their relationship. The couple has often featured their relationship in the media, with Thomas posting more than Mia.

Are Mia and Thomas still together?

Yes, this couple is still together. There was a series of photos that aired in 2021, where Mia is seen wearing a beautiful ring on her finger. There were rumors that the couple had got engaged, but since she was wearing the ring on her right hand, people assumed it was just a promise ring. The couple then went on vacation later that year where they visited Florida and also made a short trip to Paris.

mia hayward

Mia Hayward is a social media personality who became popular after posting dance videos on Tiktok. He has 3.7 million followers on Tiktok and 1.1 million on Instagram. She also has a self-titled YouTube channel with 40,000 subscribers. She is in a relationship with Thomas Petro. He has 8.1 million followers on Tiktok and 2.1 million on Instagram.

Thomas Petro

Thomas Petro is also a TikTok star and one of the founding members of Hype House. It is a group of creatives who live together so that they can collaborate and create content with ease. Thomas Petro also has a YouTube channel. He has over 85 million subscribers and 320 million views.

hype house

Hype House is a group of creatives who mainly post their work on TikTok. They are based out of California. The large Spanish-style mansion where they live is also called the Hype House. Home was created with the aim of allowing members to easily collaborate and create content for their multi-million followers. The house is on a hilltop and has a large backyard, pool and a large kitchen as well as communal eating areas. The group formed back in 2019 and had a total of 20 members.

Are Mia and Thomas still together – FAQ

Are Mia and Thomas dating?

They are still dating.

Did Thomas and Mia break up?

No, they haven’t broken up.

Who is Thomas’ girlfriend?

Thomas Petro’s girlfriend is Mia Hayward.

How long have Thomas and Mia been dating?

The couple has been together for almost two years now.

Who dated Mia Hayward?

Mia Hayward has been dating Hype House co-founder Thomas Petro since April 2020.

How old is Mia Hayward?

Mia Hayward is 21 years old.

Is Tyler in the Hype House?

Popular content creator and TikTok star Tyler Holder has confirmed that he will be moving out of Hype House’s Los Angeles-based mansion.

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