Agneepath Yojana Latest News: Anand Mahindra’s big announcement for Agnee Heroes

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Agneepath Yojana At this time, a lot of anger has emerged in the country, all the youth are expressing their anger on the streets, meanwhile Anand Mahindra has made a big announcement for all those fire heroes, let’s know what is the fire heroes of Anand Mahindra ji. Big announcement for

Agneepath Yojana latest news

Modi government started a scheme Agneepath Yojana, under which new youths preparing for recruitment in the army have been announced for recruitment for 4 years. There are many more other benefits are being given with Agneepath scheme but the disadvantage that students are seeing is that why job only for 4 years.

now Agneepath Yojana There has been a lot of resentment among the students at the grassroots level regarding this, news is coming from different corners of the country which is quite surprising. That is, angry students are setting trains on fire, blocking roads, vandalizing buses, pelting stones. That is, at this time in the country There is a lot of ruckus about the Agneepath scheme.

But in the midst of all this, a tweet by well-known businessman Anand Mahindra sir has come to the fore. Anand Mahindra ji has taken some important decisions for Agni Veer in this so that the increasing violence in the country can be stopped and the future of the students can be secured.

Agneepath Yojana Anand Mahindra Tweet – What Anand Mahindra said about Agnee Heroes

Let us tell you that Anand Mahindra sir Agneepath Yojana A tweet has been issued regarding this and in this tweet the Agni Veers are very concerned about their outrage. In this tweet, he has assured to give jobs to these fire heroes, let’s know what Anand Mahindra sir has written in this tweet.

,Agneepath Scheme I am saddened by the kind of violence that is taking place after the announcement of this scheme. Last year when this scheme was being considered, I had said that the discipline and skills that Agniveer will get will make him remarkably employable. Mahindra Guru will give such trained capable youth a chance to recruit here i.e. job.,

Agneepath Yojana

That is, in his tweet, he has mentioned that Agni will also come after retirement, if he wants, he can do a job at Anand Mahindra’s place. Asked what kind of job will you give us, what kind of employment will you give to the person who is preparing for army recruitment.

Right now people have expressed their reaction on this tweet, people say that after thinking what they have thought of giving jobs to these students. Agneepath Yojana There is increasing resentment among the students in the country regarding this and the demonstration is continuing, let’s see what will be the decision of the government on this, whether the government will withdraw or any kind of change will be made in it.

What is your opinion about this plan and what is the question in your mind regarding this tweet of Anand Mahindra, do tell us your opinion in the comment box.

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