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28 May 2022 Current Affairs In Hindi, 28 May 2022 Current Affairs: Current Affairs for Government Jobs: In this post we are telling you 10 most important current affairs questions which are useful for all competitive exams and can be asked in the upcoming government recruitment exam.

28 May 2022 Current Affairs: Current Affairs in Hindi Questions told here can be asked in recruitment exams like UPSC, PCS, IAS, RRB, Banking, Railway, SSC, IBPS, PO Clerk, SBI, Patwari etc. So you should pay attention to all the questions mentioned here. Read from

Daily Current Affairs In Hindi – 28 May 2022 Current Affairs

Who has been re-elected as the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO)?

  1. tadros adhanom
  2. Imelda Marcos
  3. jeff williams
  4. windsor john

Ans – Tadros Adhanom

Jose Ramos Horta has become the new President of which country?

  1. South Sudan
  2. East Timor
  3. Peru
  4. Syria

Ans – East Timor

When is World Thyroid Day 2022 observed?

  1. May 25
  2. 22 May
  3. May 20
  4. May 24

Ans – 25 May

In which state the 4th edition of Shirui Lily Festival 2022 has started?

  • Karnataka
  • Manipur
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • A state in Eastern India

Ans – Manipur

Who has been honored with the prestigious ‘Honorary Child Rights Hero Award 2022’?

  1. Ashok Dayal Chand (India)
  2. James Kofi Annan (Ghana)
  3. both suitable
  4. none of these

Ans – Suitable both

India’s 1 million all women ASHA workers were honored and felicitated by…….in May 2022.

  1. ILO
  2. WHO
  3. UNDP

Ans – WHO

Who has been appointed as the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Delhi?

  1. Alkesh Kumar Sharma
  2. Vijay Shekhar Sharma
  3. Gyanesh Bharti
  4. Indus Gangadharan

Ans – Gyanesh Bharti

Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in which country to attend the Quad Leaders Summit?

  1. Australia
  2. Japan
  3. America
  4. Russia

Ans – Japan

Who has been appointed as the Chief Digital Officer of Jet Airways?

  1. mark turner
  2. HR Jagannath
  3. Prabha Sharan Singh
  4. Vishesh Khanna

Ans – Prabha Sharan Singh

Which author has received the International Booker Prize for the translated Hindi novel ‘Tomb of Sand’?

  1. Pratibha Rai
  2. Geetanjali Shree
  3. Usha Priyamvada
  4. Nandini Sahu

Ans – Geetanjali Shree

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