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Health camp and yoga camp for women “Mera Bharat , Swastha Bharat” is taken from' of 2009 in collaboration with the huge response from women. Surabhi Sanstha is giving lectures to teenagers girls about teenage. Medical camps to promote and spread, leprosy, aids, cancer and so on. Health related programs are conducted. Less money to raise awareness about the deadly disease like canser. Entire body is examined, Therefore, the courses may be taken advantage of so that the diagnosis may be normal and all.

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* Surabhi Swyamsevi Sanstha has made the Surabhi Creation in these we are doing a film on the organic farming devleoping, health, education, employment, addiction, superstition such as, Social activities taking the effect of the movement of rural development & on Self Help Groups.

For making this social films please support us by paying donation.

* VTP (Vocational Training Provider) Center beginning under MSSDS

* Robotic Center Beginning