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Agriculture and Environment

Surabhi have been implementing important programs for safety of nature. In Ganesh Festival there is awareness program to prevent Water Pollution. Also with help of College students Beaches are cleaned after Ganesh Visarjana. Holi is played with Natural Colors like natural color of turmeric powder, paste floral, beta pulp, multani soil, amla powder, etc. Tree Plantation is done in schools and colleges. Also Anti Fire Crackers Campaign are held every year in Alibag among 207 schools of Kokan Education Society.

Nehru Youth Kendra Raigad has selected Surabhi Sanstha as Inspirational Youth Club of 2011-2012. Capacity building and public awareness of the village comes from the youth board Training. Nehru Youth Kendra Raigad the deployment of youth affair ministry raigad & Sports govt. Of India the deployment of India’s behalf in 2012-2013 .

Latest News


* Surabhi Swyamsevi Sanstha has made the Surabhi Creation in these we are doing a film on the organic farming devleoping, health, education, employment, addiction, superstition such as, Social activities taking the effect of the movement of rural development & on Self Help Groups.

For making this social films please support us by paying donation.

* VTP (Vocational Training Provider) Center beginning under MSSDS

* Robotic Center Beginning