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Surabhi NGO is the NGO that primarily focus more on women's progress and environmental balance...



Contribution of Surabhi Sanstha is a very important to the field of social Organizations. Under social recognition more emphasis on...



Health camp and yoga camp for women "Mera Bharat, Swastha Bharat" is taken from' 2009 in collaboration...


Agriculture and Environment

Surabhi have been implementing important programs for safety of nature. In Ganesh Festival there is awareness program...

NGO Work

Women's health and yoga camp

Superstition Eradication for Women

Training for women svanyasidhda

water Conservation - Stone Bund

glory of talented students

Tree Plantation

Smt. Supriya Bhibishan Jedhe


Today's young is luckiest generation. Science and technology are getting everything ready for them. To guide and inspire the work they are doing social service agencies. Savitribai fule at the ideal of the female body established surabhi sanstha women empowerment and environmental

protection organizations have been working for Ten years.

India got Freedom around 70 Years ago ,but Womens are still are being persecute . Though often try to raise awareness of the environment and to enable women need to go into their core.

This is the goal of Surabhi Sanstha is to play a pivotal performance.

Latest News


* Surabhi Swyamsevi Sanstha has made the Surabhi Creation in these we are doing a film on the organic farming devleoping, health, education, employment, addiction, superstition such as, Social activities taking the effect of the movement of rural development & on Self Help Groups.

For making this social films please support us by paying donation.

* VTP (Vocational Training Provider) Center beginning under MSSDS

* Robotic Center Beginning